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Just in: Bud Light Donates To Families Of Fallen Military Heroes To Compensate For All The ‘Wokeness’

In a Bid to Revive Sales, Bud Light Supports Families of Fallen Veterans with Charitable Initiative.

Bud Light Donations

While corporate goodwill and beer may seem like an unlikely pair, this is precisely the mix that’s brewing at the helm of Anheuser-Busch, the makers of Bud Light. In the light of recent events, the beer giant has devised a new plan: by partnering with several bars in Washington DC and the nonprofit organization, Folds of Honor, the company aims to extend a helping hand to the families of fallen and disabled veterans.

Folds of Honor, a reputable nonprofit, dedicates its efforts towards providing assistance to the families of servicemen and women who have been disabled or lost their lives in active duty. In a time when Bud Light has found itself in troubled waters, this patriotic pivot provides a refreshing change in strategy.

The partnership is pretty straightforward: for every aluminum bottle of Bud Light and Budweiser sold, a quarter will be donated to Folds of Honor. The initiative has been warmly received by local establishments, including Dirty Water, a participating bar whose owner, Chris DeFelice, was approached by Bud Light’s representatives about the promotion.

“The choice to get involved was a no-brainer,” DeFelice shared with OutKick. “Folds of Honor is an outstanding organization driven by patriotism and dedicated to helping those families who were left behind. It was a decision made in a heartbeat.”

Interestingly, this promotion led even those who were boycotting Bud Light to reconsider their stance. One regular at Dirty Water confessed to SpaceXMania that he decided to buy a can in support of the promotion, despite his ongoing boycott.

However, this heartwarming move doesn’t erase the daunting issues the company is grappling with. The sales figures of Bud Light paint a rather bleak picture, witnessing a roughly 24% dip in the week ending May 27 compared to the same period the previous year. The hit was even harder as Modelo Especial triumphed over Bud Light, claiming the spot as the top-selling beer for May.

Adding fuel to the fire are industry experts’ forecasts that suggest Bud Light could face a potential ousting from the shelves this autumn if its performance doesn’t improve. This all seems to be an aftermath of Bud Light’s controversial partnership with transgender TikTok star, Dylan Mulvaney, back in April, a move that triggered a considerable backlash.

Regardless of the company’s attempts to recover from this incident, the effects of the misstep linger on. Nevertheless, this latest promotion in support of Folds of Honor seems to be a promising sign of things to come. It not only offers a tangible display of corporate responsibility but also marks a return to the company’s roots.

Yet, one can’t help but wonder: is this effort too little too late? The jury is still out on that one. In the meantime, this initiative, driven by a noble cause, certainly deserves commendation. Even in times of corporate crisis, it is important to recognize the silver linings, and this patriotic promotion surely is one.

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