SpaceXMania the pioneer of News Channel in the United States operates under the philosophy of keeping its viewers informed, and that is precisely what the channel strives to achieve by leaving no stone unturned as it digs into the heart of every story on the local as well as international level.


Besides its comprehensive news coverage and updates every hour, SpaceXMania offers wide range of extraordinary insights on topics ranging from politics, business and finance, money and stock market to fashion entertainment and weather updates.


To reveal as much as possible about the most exclusive and interesting aspects of the news has always been a priority. After the publication of the story on the web, it’s also reworked and updated with the development of the story. The website also rims with intriguing blogs and fascinating features contributed by competent writers and renowned journalists.


Employing a vast network of over 500 strategically positioned correspondents all over the United States and around the world, SpaceXMania is at the forefront of every breaking news story that matters most to you.

Fact Checking Policy and Corrections Policy

Our own editors, who have many years of expertise in their respective tech and gaming sectors, provide the material for SpaceXMania. They have been covering the most recent news, goods, events, and other things, and they have become better at separating reality from fiction in their reporting.

The content creators for SpaceXMania fact-check their own work. Prior to publishing, they make sure they have done enough study on the subject to feel comfortable doing so. They also make sure the original source is acknowledged and included in every material.

We do our best to offer accurate and comprehensive information, however sometimes due to circumstances beyond our control, inaccurate information may be published. In these situations, we update the material and rectify the information as soon as we can, noting the change and the need of correction.

Editorial & Ethics Policy

The editors of SpaceXMania take great delight in providing information that is factual and truthful. Before a review or article is published, each product that our editors examine has undergone comprehensive testing and benchmarking. Many of our editors have worked in the PC, technology, and gaming industries for at least 10 years. They have acquired the abilities and information necessary to thoroughly examine and evaluate the things they get and report on.

In exchange for positive reviews, articles, roundups, or any other kind of reporting, SpaceXMania has never accepted and will never take cash.

Payment is accepted for sponsored material at SpaceXMania. Please note: This is sponsored content, and its contents may or may not represent the thoughts or opinions of SpaceXMania or its editors. All sponsored content is very clearly identified in various locations throughout the article with the text “Please Note: This is Sponsored Content and its contents may or may not represent the thoughts or opinions of SpaceXMania or its editors.”

No outside parties have ever impacted SpaceXMania, and they never will. The senior editorial team has never altered a review or report or attempted to convince our editors to accept one that differs from their own views. A three-strikes policy and a stringent anti-plagiarism policy are in place at SpaceXMania for all editors.

Ownership and Funding Info

SpaceXMania is 100% owned by ‘FUNKY CREATIONS LTD’ a UK-registered company. SpaceXMania is 100% owned by Mr. Alex Bruno (A single entity, a citizen, and a resident of the USA) and he is also the founder of SpaceXMania. SpaceXMania or Funky Creations LTD is not and has not ever been influenced in any shape, way, or form by any nation-state, government, political party, political action committee (PAC), or the like.

SpaceXMania is pleased to be an unbiased, small-business-backed, independent media outlet. The editors of SpaceXMania are entirely compensated by Funky Creations LTD for the material they provide, and they are often given full reign to retain any things that businesses offer them to test.