‘Alien Figure Watching Mars Rover’: UFO Hunter Claims He’s Found ‘100 Percent Proof’ Of Life On Mars

Scientists and artists alike are perplexed by the possibility of anything living on Mars.

But, apparently, they can all stop pondering this extraterrestrial enigma, since a UFO hunter claims to have discovered “100 percent evidence” that there is life on Mars.

Scott Waring is the owner of the YouTube channel UFO Sightings Daily, which does exactly what it says on the tin – and yesterday’s offering seemed to be very large.

According to the UFO investigator, he saw an extraterrestrial figure monitoring the Mars rover, and this ‘alien form’ appeared to be a person.

Scott inspected an apparent photo of the surface of Mars and zeroed in on a ‘foot tall’ figure as he explained his ‘100 percent evidence.’

“There is an item just over here that looks like a human person resting down on a beach,” he remarked. “Can you see this person sleeping on one shoulder with their arm over here, their neck exposed, pinkness visible, reddish hair there?”

“A trail of footsteps even runs over the top of this rock.” Is it possible to observe the track of disturbed earth exactly here? “Wow, it is amazing, is not it?” It should not be conceivable, yet we are right in the middle of it.”

So not only is life on Mars possible, but it is also human life. Either that, or Scott has mistook 100 percent evidence of life for a rocky shadow that resembles a human sleeping down. You make the decision.

The whole video may be seen here:

If you are one of those individuals who does not believe unverifiable visuals on YouTube channels can be used as “100% evidence” of extraterrestrial life, NASA research could be more your speed.

NASA examined rocks obtained by the Curiosity rover and discovered organic carbon, which might have originated from bugs that formerly existed on Mars.

NASA analysed dirt from six of the rover’s exploration sites and discovered an old carbon cycle.

According to NASA, the materials might have a “biological foundation” and match fossilized relics of microbial life discovered in Australia.

“The samples highly deficient in carbon 13 are a bit like samples from Australia collected from sediment that was 2.7 billion years old,” said Professor Christopher House, the main author of the research from Penn State University in the United States, to Metro.

“Biological activity created those samples when ancient microbial mats devoured methane.”

“However, we can not definitely conclude that about Mars since it was produced using different materials and techniques than Earth.” So, although it may not be “100% evidence,” Professor House at least knows what it implies.

Source: The Mirror

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Written by Alex Bruno

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