Woman gave birth to a baby girl in Tesla while on Autopilot

At the wheel of a Tesla, a Philadelphia lady gave delivery.

On September 9, Yiran Sherry, 33, and her husband Keating Sherry, 34, narrowly escaped being taken to the hospital by ambulance after a freak accident.

After a night of contractions, Yiran informed Keating that “Today is the day, although I do not believe it is occurring any time soon.”

Their son Rafa was getting ready for school at 8.30am. Yiran’s water had just burst when Keating returned to the home after putting him in the backseat of the automobile.

Keating assisted his wife into their Tesla despite her request that he return after dropping Rafa off at school so they could go directly to the hospital.

Because she was ‘contracting so violently she could not even walk,’ she sat in the passenger footwell of the car.

When the traffic was so bad, Keating says he placed the vehicle on Autopilot so that he could keep an eye on his wife and Rafa at the same time.

I feared she was going to smash it since she was clutching my hand so hard.”

Okay, Yiran, just concentrate on your breathing,” I told her. That was also some sound counsel for me. “My heart was pounding,” I said.

Once the pediatrician said, ‘She’s healthy. Congratulations,’ that was quite the sigh of relief.

Paoli Hospital was a 20-minute drive away. “Oh, my God, Keating,” she said as they came into the driveway. It seems that she is no longer with us.”

In order to cut the umbilical cord, a pediatrician stood outside and called for nurses, who did it inside the Tesla. “Once the pediatrician declared, ‘She is healthy.'” Keating added. It was a huge comfort to hear the words, “Congratulations!”

When Maeve was born, her parents contemplated giving her the middle name ‘Tess’ as a tribute to the automobile she was delivered in. Her nickname among the staff at the hospital was “the Tesla baby.”

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Written by Alex Bruno

Alex is a writer with a passion for space exploration and a penchant for satirical commentary. He has written extensively on the latest discoveries in astronomy and astrophysics, as well as the ongoing efforts to explore our solar system and beyond. In addition to his space-related work, Alex is also known for his satirical writing, which often takes a humorous and irreverent look at contemporary issues and events. His unique blend of science and humor has earned him a dedicated following and numerous accolades. When he's not writing, Alex can often be found stargazing with his telescope or honing his comedic skills at local open mic nights.

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