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‘We Are At The Highest Risk In 60 Years’: Elon Musk Says Russia Can Completely Destroy The US And Europe

Elon Musk Issues A Warning That Russia Is Capable Of Completely Destroying The US, Europe, And The Other Way Around With Nuclear Missiles

Elon Musk has recently discussed the prospect of a nuclear war breaking out after proposing a peace proposal to resolve the conflict in Ukraine.

A member of Tesla Inc. TSLA said: “Reasonable people won’t start a war.” On Friday, the CEO’s Twitter followers highlighted a Reuters article about how NATO will start nuclear drills on Monday using B-52 bombers.

Musk responded to him via Twitter and said that nobody with common sense would launch a nuclear war. With nuclear weapons, Russia and the US can both obliterate the whole continents of Europe and North America in less than 30 minutes.

Unexpectedly many individuals are unaware of this. Of course, using them would be insane, but being in this predicament in the first place would also be insane.

Since late February, Russia and Ukraine have been at war over competing claims to a portion of the country’s eastern region.

Nuclear War Risk at its Greatest: Musk remarked on October 6 that it would be wonderful if the danger of nuclear war could be reduced and cited a New York Times article about President Joe Biden’s belief that the “prospect of Armageddon” is currently at its highest level since the Cuban Missile Crisis.
It would be wonderful if mankind could one day cease using nuclear weapons on itself, which would essentially wipe out all life on the planet.

There is more than zero likelihood that they will be launched each year. The danger is currently higher than it has been in 60 years. In a Twitter discussion earlier this month, Musk said that the likelihood of nuclear war was growing quickly. He also stated that he had been up all night contemplating how to defuse the conflict in Ukraine.

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