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Mr. Beast wants to be the next CEO of Twitter, Elon responds surprisingly

When Elon Musk posed the question to his Twitter followers as to whether or not he should resign as CEO, the majority of voters chose the latter option.

As a consequence of the poll’s findings, a number of potential candidates have been proposed to succeed Musk as Twitter’s CEO, but if popularity were a deciding factor, MrBeast would emerge as the clear victor.

His tweet proposing himself for the position has almost a million likes as of this writing, and he has ambitious aspirations for where he would lead the social networking site.

If Mr. Beast becomes the next CEO of Twitter, he has a plan

Twitter introduced a policy to severely restrict users’ ability to post content from other social networking platforms on their accounts, and then immediately reversed the decision. This was a contributing factor in Musk’s Twitter poll asking if he should resign.

Elon reacted to MrBeast’s suggestion that he become Twitter’s next CEO by stating the idea wasn’t “out of the question.”

After Musk’s reaction, MrBeast hinted at what he would do as CEO, calling it his “first item of business” to transform Twitter into a video-sharing hub rather than a conduit for external links.

Others are a little apprehensive about MrBeast’s concept, despite the fact that several Twitter users were totally on board with it. To encourage users to publish videos, it has been suggested that measures including commercialization and the development of a more complete video streaming service be taken.

The strategy taken by MrBeast is almost the exact opposite of Musk’s initial idea; instead of trying to control the competition, he wants to build a Twitter that can dominate it.

It’s unclear whether MrBeast will become Twitter’s CEO, and if so, whether or not his appointment would be a positive one.

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