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Elon Musk suspends Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz’s Twitter account

The Twitter account of Washington Post tech reporter Taylor Lorenz was reportedly banned on Saturday after she posted a comment request on a piece she was working on for Elon Musk.

Before it was terminated, Lorenz had more than 340,000 followers on her Twitter account (@TaylorLorenz), which she started using in 2010. She created a stack and said, “Elon Musk suspended my Twitter account earlier tonight.”

“I never heard from the firm about why I was banned or what rules I broke.” “Very bizarre. In a video she published from TikTok on Saturday night, Lorenz said that Elon “seems to block everybody who disagrees with him.”

Before being suspended, Lorenz tweeted using a different Twitter account (@nodreamsoflabor).

Regarding Lorenz’s suspension by Twitter, Musk has not made any public remarks. There was no response to a comment request. Twitter received an email from Variety.

The suspension of Lorenz’s account by Twitter comes following the suspension of many journalists’ Twitter accounts on Thursday by the mega-rich man, who claimed they had “doxed” him after some (but not all) of them had linked to an account that followed his private plane.

On Friday night, he reinstated a number of those accounts. It would seem that Musk, who has previously referred to himself as a “free speech absolutist,” is now launching a campaign to remove content and opinions critical of him from the platform that he acquired for $44 billion in order to protect his reputation.

The account of Lorenz was disabled for no apparent reason. Only three of Lorenz’s tweets, she said, were visible to the public before her account was suspended: one asking Musk for his opinion on an article she and her WaPo colleague Drew Harwell were writing on Musk, and two promoting her Instagram accounts and TikTok.

Lorenz gave no information on the specifics of the tale. “We’ve discovered some things that we’d want to share and discuss with you,” she said in a tweet directed at Musk.

Elon Musk has suspended Taylor Lorenz’s Washington Post account on Twitter.

Aaron Rupar and Tony Webster, two journalists who Twitter temporarily blocked and then unblocked this week, denied posting any material that may be interpreted as “doxxing,” or disclosing another person’s private information online without that person’s consent.

The free speech we were promised is not here, according to Webster’s tweet from Friday night. To be clear, there was no doxing, despite what an impetuous oligarch who was answerable to no one said.

Twitter is requesting that some of the journalists it banned remove tweets that it determined to be in violation of Musk’s newly implemented rule on revealing real-time location data (“regardless of this information being publicly accessible”).

Regarding @keitholbermann’s ban, this was tweeted on his Twitter account dedicated to rescuing dogs. “In the course of two hours, I was unbanned, time-banned, re-banned, and finally banned until I deleted a tweet you can’t see anyhow.” This Elon Musk snowflake is such a clown.

Fox Business reporter Susan Li (@susanlitv), who claimed to have been banned from Twitter after providing a link to an aircraft-tracking website to demonstrate how Musk’s private plane could be traced using publicly accessible sources, is one of the journalists whose accounts were banned and have not been restored.

Linette Lopez (@lopezlinette), a reporter for Insider who has covered Musk and his businesses for years, was also still blocked from Twitter as of Saturday. Lopez As reported by the AP Just before she was suspended, she posted legal paperwork on Twitter.

Musk’s email address from 2018 was published, but Lopez argued that it was no longer valid.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), the current head of the House Intelligence Committee, blasted Musk’s decision to exclude reporters on Friday.

Elon Musk describes himself as an ardent supporter of free speech in order to defend his decision to ignore prejudice and intolerance on Twitter. Schiff said in a tweet that when journalists publish unflattering news, they are immediately blocked.

“Free speech” seems to not be an absolute commitment. But there is hypocrisy.

Musk, please respond to Schiff. “Thank goodness, you will shortly step down as chairman. Your intellect is inadequate.

On Saturday, Lorenz posted an Instagram selfie of himself and New York Times writer Ryan Mac, both of them covering their faces with their hands.

Source: Central Recorder

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