Elon Musk Teases on Quitting His Job at Tesla and SpaceX: Sells Another $963M Worth of Tesla Stock

Billionaire Elon Musk has once again left his fans perplexed by posing the question of whether or not he should leave his job and pursue a full-time influencer career.

“Thinking about leaving my employment and going full-time into influencer marketing wdyt (what do you think),” Musk said on Twitter.

The fact is, however, that Musk’s followers are already aware of his status as a powerful influencer, with a single tweet having the ability to affect the stock market and the value of cryptocurrencies in one direction or the other.

A few minutes after posting his most recent tweet, Elon Musk’s chief executive officer received hundreds of comments, many of which included numerous recommendations. Many others suggested that the entrepreneur launch a YouTube channel.

MrBeast, one of the highest-earning YouTubers in the world, was among many who responded to the call for help. MrBeast offered to “guide” Musk on “how to acquire YouTube views.” Musk accepted the offer.

Musk answered with an emoji of his hands folded in his lap.

Elon Musk, a frequent user of Twitter, has more than 65 million followers on the social media network and is one of the few billionaire CEOs that engages with his fans in a positive manner on social media platforms. In the form of emojis, one-liners, and memes, he often expresses his opinions on topics that capture their attention.

Earlier this week, he claimed that he had given himself a haircut after images of his eccentric Mohawk were widely circulated.

Photos of Musk arriving at Miami International Airport with the haircut, which had the sides of his head shaved, went viral on the internet. He was joined by his youngest son X a-xiii, his nanny, and his favorite dog, among other people and animals.

Despite the fact that Tesla stock is still being sold, Elon Musk is not giving up.

According to financial documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which were disclosed late Thursday, the tech mogul sold 934,091 shares of the electric vehicle manufacturer. The shares have a market value of $963.2 million.

According to the documents, Musk, who is the world’s wealthiest man, also exercised stock options to acquire 2.17 million shares of Tesla, bringing his total stake in the company to $19 billion.

While Tesla’s stock price was down more than 1 percent in pre-market activity on Friday morning, it had fallen as much as 6 percent in the previous session. The stock’s decline on Friday followed a tweet from Musk in which he said that he was considering leaving his positions to become an influencer, but it was unclear if he was serious.

Musk sold a total of $9.85 billion in Tesla stock during the month of November, including $6.9 billion during the week of November 10 and another $1.9 billion during the weeks of November 15 and 16.

Musk sold a total of $9.85 billion in Tesla stock during the month of November, including the $6.9 billion he sold during the week of November 10. In some cases, the shares were sold in order to satisfy tax liabilities arising from the exercise of stock options.

Musk asked his 62.5 million Twitter followers on Nov. 6 to help him decide the fate of a portion of his Tesla holdings, which they did. During a Twitter poll, Musk said, “Unrealized profits have recently been emphasized as a potential tax evasion strategy, thus I suggest selling 10% of my Tesla shares.” Does this sound like something you would agree with?”

After offering the choice to vote “Yes” or “No,” the CEO said that the results of the poll will be followed no matter how they turned out. 3,519,000 individuals took part in the poll, with 57.9 percent choosing “Yes” as the answer.

Whatever the outcome of the Twitter vote, Musk would very certainly have begun selling millions of shares this quarter regardless of the outcome. This is due to the fact that he is facing a tax burden of more than $15 billion in the near future.

Musk previously said that he expected to sell “a large chunk” of his company’s stock during the fourth quarter. Musk said in September at the Code Conference in Beverly Hills, California, that his marginal tax rate would be more than 50% when his Tesla stock options expire, and that he was already intending to sell his company’s shares as soon as possible.

Because he has a large number of options that will expire in the first quarter of next year, “a large block of options will be sold in Q4 — because I have to sell them or they will expire,” he said.

As the company’s price rose on the Nasdaq stock market since Oct. 28, other current and past board members, such as Robyn Denholm, Kimbal Musk, Ira Ehrenpreis, and Antonio Gracias, have also sold hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of Tesla shares in the same period.

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