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Elon Musk insists that Tesla’s Humanoid robot ‘Optimus’ will be ‘ready’ in 3 months

Elon Musk announced his intention to create humanoid robots last summer before he set his eyes on acquiring Twitter. The robots, dubbed “Tesla Bot,” would be under six feet tall, 125 pounds in weight, and 150 pounds in the deadlift. It’s best not to hold your breath regarding any of those specifics, as Musk has done with all of his promises in recent years. Musk has asserted, though, that humanoid androids are in fact being produced.

He genuinely said that a prototype is well on its way this past week. The Tesla innovation that the firm showcased at last year’s AI Day may have a functional prototype at the company’s next event, according to the New York Post. Okay, kind of. If you remember, the “prototype” was basically a tiny person dressed as a robot who moved jerkily before beginning to dance. Nevertheless, Musk had said in a tweet that progress was being made swiftly from a robot outfit to a prototype, and in an interview, he repeated that a functional prototype was very near to becoming a reality:

Musk said that the business is “tracking” toward a functional prototype during a Tuesday interview at the Qatar Economic Forum. Well, he replied, “I’m hoping we’ll have a great prototype to show folks. “I’m directly collaborating with a highly skilled team at Tesla to get a humanoid robot prototype ready by the end of September. “And I believe we are headed in that direction.”

A workable robot “tracking to that point” is undoubtedly a long way from one that can assist in automobile construction and move about while carrying 45 pounds like a real-life youngster. However, it adds to a long list of audacious assertions Musk has made in recent years. This is why the chronology presented here was met with, to put it mildly, skepticism by many. But if we do receive a prototype this autumn, folks will undoubtedly be anticipating something somewhat different from what was first said.

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