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According to Elon Musk, these three main things are ruining California

California serves as the home base for all of Elon Musk’s businesses. But as time goes on, he becomes more skeptical of the state and the circumstances under which it allows him to run his companies. The billionaire, who also owns Tesla and SpaceX, makes this information publicly available at an All-In Conference in Miami. He doesn’t hold back when expressing his opinions and isn’t hesitant to criticize anybody he disagrees with or who isn’t doing their duties effectively.

The Tesla CEO begins by mentioning California as his main grievance. The taxes and excessive regulation, of course. “In the past, California was a place of opportunity. It has, however, become a country of taxes, excessive regulation, and litigation, which is a bad condition. Musk claims. Musk continues to make significant investments in his companies. He constructs factories and plants all over the globe, but if at all feasible, he still favors home output.

You can see that he avoids California while growing plants in the USA. First, since Nevada provided tax advantages, he constructed the famed Giga plant there. He then begins to search for alternatives all across the globe. He constructs the Tesla plant in Shanghai and a second one close to Berlin.

Musk eventually constructed a new US facility in Texas because he is still prepared to make investments in the country. the region with the finest business possibilities and the lowest taxes. One advantage of constructing a factory in Texas is how quickly it might be constructed from the ground up and begin producing. In only one and a half years, Musk constructed a Giga plant close to Austin. Additionally, it is three times larger than the Pentagon. So picture constructing it, outfitting it, and launching production in only one and a half years. That is really quick.

“Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, couldn’t start construction on the facility if you put a pistol to his head and demanded that it be done immediately. In California, there are a lot of regulatory bodies and lawyers. They want to prevent you from taking any action. You cannot do that, even if you are the state governor. – Musk takes issue with California’s rules.

Musk claims that the absence of governmental opposition is to blame for this predicament. The state remains in the same situation it was in 10 or 20 years ago because no one is there to request changes. At some point, Californians will have to demand change because they are fed up. Republicans in California must have a likelihood of winning that is greater than 0%. – the business magnate advises. And maybe he is correct. You need several viewpoints for one set to grow. Divergent viewpoints foster competition, which is beneficial for growth.

Source: The Overtimer

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Written by Alex Bruno

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