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Elon Musk: “I wouldn’t get on my knees and beg for anyone”

Elon Musk is still making news. His consideration of Twitter as a prospective acquisition came first, followed by his retreat as it seemed that the business would not fulfill its commitment to correctly count spam users. Finally, he completely pulled out of the deal only a few weeks ago. This action prompted Twitter to file an ongoing lawsuit.

However, the allegations about Elon Musk have been more intimate as of late, with a fresh Wall Street Journal article claiming that he had an affair with Sergei Brin’s wife. According to a story in The Journal, Musk had reportedly fallen on his knees to ask Brin’s pardon in order to maintain their friendship. Well, when Musk learned about that precise accusation, he was blunt.

He vehemently denied that it ever took place in a statement to the New York Post, saying: “I wouldn’t grovel in front of anybody” Musk went on to say that he would only go down on one knee to propose marriage and that while he hasn’t done so to Brin, they are still friendly. Additionally, he revealed to the Post that they had spent the weekend together with “many common friends.”
Elon musk with Sergey Brin
Even though it’s not apparent when it was shot, he supplied a photo of the two of them: In recent days, personal anecdotes about Musk have been coming thick and fast. Many in the media publicly oppose his taking control of Twitter, mostly out of concern that doing so will stop the company’s blatant leftist slant and significantly reduce its power.

Major media people who are frantically trying to define the news by picking which stories to cover and how to report them are at odds with his advocacy of free expression.

What’s more, Musk said that he will back Ron DeSantis for president. For members of the left-wing media, it is off-limits. He is publicly opposing the woke, progressive agenda, which will lead to an increase in personal assaults. Musk may not have spoken on every one of them, but he had the right answer for this: “I wouldn’t go on my knees for anybody.”

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Written by Alex Bruno

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