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Elon Musk has seven kids already, but does he actually plan to have More?

Elon Musk, who now has a net worth of almost $219 billion, is unquestionably the wealthiest person on the globe. Musk aims to bring life to Mars, and SpaceX is scheduled to launch human expeditions there by 2030, so if he gets his way, he may also become the wealthiest person in a total of two worlds. The Billionaire, meanwhile, is hard at work creating a big family at home on this planet rather than a space colony.

Elon Musk is the father of seven healthy children, however, he and his first wife received a boy who sadly died as an infant from SIDS. However, there is a speculative claim that Musk may be the father of Amber Heard’s unborn child at this time. Does Elon want to expand his family now that he has five children with his ex and two more with his on-and-off lover Grimes?

Elon Musk Already Has Seven Children

Nevada Alexander Musk, Elon Musk’s eldest child, died in 2002 at the age of 10 weeks. In response, he and his wife, Canadian novelist Justine Wilson, felt pressured to attempt IVF. Griffin and Xavier Musk were born as twins as a consequence of this in April 2004. However, it should be mentioned that Xavier formally stopped being a Musk this year and submitted an application to change his name to Vivian Jenna Wilson.

Justine Wilson gave birth to three triplet boys in January 2006 before splitting with Musk in 2008. They are given the names Kai, Saxon, and Damian and are given joint custody of the five kids. Since then, Musk and artist Grimes, with whom he has been seeing since roughly 2018, has fathered two further children.

Both a boy and a daughter were born to Musk and Grimes, however, the singer-songwriter acknowledged that the couple had split up somewhere around the time their daughter was born. Since Musk has since been connected to another lady, their relationship status may change even further, but considering their history of on-again, off-again relationships, supporters wonder whether Grimes and Elon will reunite and have more children together.

Elon Musk considers population decline to be a serious issue for the planet

The previous year has been hectic for Musk, who most recently negotiated a $44 billion agreement to acquire Twitter. He had said on the same podium in July that humans were the guardians of life and that he wanted it transported to Mars. In another discussion, Musk expressed worry about the US market’s declining baby diaper sales and rising adult diaper sales. The billionaire was certain in his assertion that civilization would end if people did not have more children at a Wall Street Journal event in December of last year.

“Not enough individuals are present. There are not enough people, I can’t stress this enough. One of the greatest threats to society is the low and constantly dropping birthrate. There are far too many “decent, intelligent individuals” who believe that there are too many people in the world and that the population is out of control. The entire opposite is true. The population will decline if individuals don’t have more children. You have my word.”

Musk continued by joking that he was attempting to set an example for others and needed to “practice what he preached,” which is why he had so many kids.

Undoubtedly, Elon Musk wants more kids

Elon has claimed he wants more children added to his family, even if he could be somewhat kidding about doing his bit to raise the planet’s population. It’s unclear who he’ll share them with, of course. Despite the fact that the story also claimed that Grimes and Elon had broken up while their surrogate was pregnant and wasn’t truly “together,” Us Magazine revealed in March 2022 that they desired at least two more children together.

Although it’s not the typical situation for adding to the family, Elon stressed that the two still saw one other regularly and were “semi-separate but still love each other.” This may be just what Grimes and her boyfriend need. The non-couple is described as “extremely flexible” and “best friends” by Grimes in an interview, which does seem like a solid foundation for starting a family.

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