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Economists: ‘Elon Musk is wrong about telecommuting’

Elon Musk dissed telecommuting in a tweet from June on the social media platform Twitter, saying that anybody who wanted to work remotely “should go to another firm to pretend to work.” Musk made his statement after a claimed email addressed to Tesla employees started making the rounds online, in which the company’s CEO declared that “remote work is no longer accepted” at the self-driving vehicle manufacturer.

Each employee was required to work a minimum of 40 hours per week in the office. Musk’s comments served as a rallying cry for trade enthusiasts. to ask three economists whether this kind of working environment is really less demanding and more productive. The majority of the data, according to London School of Economics economic and financial historian Natasha Postel Vinay, “shows productivity rises when individuals remain home.”

He continues, “People spend less time commuting, allowing them to utilize part of that time at work, and they also spend more time with family and resting, which results in their being happier and more productive. Professor of economic history Albrecht Richel says, “Time spent in the workplace is distinct from working hard,” adding that telecommuting has decreased time spent in “meaningless meetings.”

Researchers in the US and the UK, according to Almarina Gramozi, a professor of economics at King’s College London, have shown that people may be just as productive at home as they can be at work.

Although productivity might be poor at times, this does not always indicate that employees are avoiding their jobs. The fact that those with children at home have been forced to split their focus between work and the daycare they need during the epidemic may be one factor, as Bustle’s Vinay and Rachel explain.

This has resulted in a decline in productivity. Gramozi further emphasizes that productivity does not rely only on personnel. According to him, “productivity levels are heavily reliant on the assistance offered by superiors, adaption to technology, and the sort of work that can be done remotely in a straightforward manner.”

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