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Elon Musk Criticize Twitter For Suspending Jordan Peterson

The wealthy inventor and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon Musk, announced his intention to purchase Twitter back in April, but the transaction has not yet been completed. Musk, a frequent tweeter, continues to utilize the well-known social media platform to discuss numerous topics and provide his opinion on current political concerns. Musk recently criticized Twitter for deactivating the account of the very well-known Canadian author and psychologist Jordan Peterson.

Peterson was suspended, but why?

Peterson’s tweets regarding transgender actress Elliot Page, who used to go by Ellen but came out as transgender in December 2020, led to his suspension from Twitter. The page underwent top surgery, which involves the removal of the breast tissue, and spoke about it online. In response, Peterson published a comment that the social media platform found to be transphobic.

“When was pride considered a sin? And a criminal doctor merely removed Ellen Page’s breasts “according to what the psychologist wrote, Newsweek.

Twitter did not ban Peterson indefinitely. The social media corporation said that just his tweet regarding Page was in violation of the rules of service, thus removing it would let him regain access to his account. Peterson, though, has made it plain that he has no intention of using Twitter again, saying he would “rather die” than have the offensive remark removed.

Twitter has come under harsh criticism from Peterson’s supporters and well-known members of the conservative media, such as Ben Shapiro, as a result of the suspension.

Musk’s Reaction

On Tuesday, an arbitrary Twitter user questioned Musk about his thoughts on the company’s decision to terminate Peterson’s account. Musk responded to the article by claiming that Twitter had once again overstepped its bounds. The billionaire repeated his earlier remarks on free speech on Twitter and said, “Yeah, they’re going much too far in squelching different viewpoints.

Musk argues that because Twitter and comparable platforms are the contemporary counterparts of a town square, all viewpoints should be allowed, regardless of how insulting they may be to some.

Will Musk Even Buy Twitter?

Some observers think Musk is attempting to back out of the Twitter transaction because he is experiencing buyer’s remorse.

According to CNBC, Musk said last month that he needs to fix a few “unresolved concerns” before moving ahead with the acquisition. Speaking at a Bloomberg-hosted event, Musk demanded that Twitter provide the precise number of spam and bot accounts using its network. He also made notice of the fact that he still needs the shareholders’ consent of the firm and that debt financing is still a concern for him.

Source: Inquisitr

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