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Elon Musk blasts Wikipedia over this one page

The contentious phrase Theo Musk They stroll side by side. The multi-billionaire tycoon offers his viewpoint on each hot subject that is discussed on Twitter, where he has a larger following. The most current is connected to Wikipedia, the well-known online encyclopedia.

The inquiry platform—possibly the most popular of its kind—took a banning action on the publication of the economic term “recession,” which had been in high demand recently because of inflation data and the US Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

The situation in which Elon Musk quoted Jimmy Walles, the platform’s creator, on Twitter to claim that “Wikipedia is losing its objectivity.”

Elon Musk tried to purchase Twitter the last time he was so vehement in his condemnation of an online site. As a result, when individuals received this kind of mail, their first response was to advocate using this free Internet access.

The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, on the other hand, do not seem to have addressed the possibility of purchasing a website in their statement. According to professionals in the industry, the truth is that this kind of posting is a critique that intrudes into American politics.

Elon Musk is suing Wikipedia for “censoring” the word “recession”

Thousands of Wikipedians have joined forces to change the definition of the word “recession” on the website. As long as you have an account on our site, you may make modifications to the ideas and, in most instances, they will be accepted quickly.

But as it turned out, Wikipedia decided to lock the idea, perhaps as a result of the huge volume of edits it received. After that, according to the journal published today, Musk retaliated against the company’s founder.

“The modification follows hundreds of visitors who swarmed to the website to modify the message. According to the aforementioned site, which quoted a source from the New York Post, they were likely sparked by the Commerce Department’s report released on Thursday, which shows that the nation’s GDP declined by 0.9%.

The United States economic indicators have reached extraordinary levels, leading some analysts to believe that a recession is underway.

President Joe Biden and the officials of the North American government dispute that the nation is in such a state of collapse, and this kind of Wikipedia action seems to serve the objectives of the current US executive authority.

That is undoubtedly a political issue. Elon Musk considers these scenarios for what reason? He has every legal right to call himself an American citizen.

But you must keep in mind that, given his degree of influence (102 million Twitter followers and the wealthiest person in the world), any stance on these delicate matters suggests a covert goal, such as this latest exchange with Wikipedia.

Source: NDTV/California18

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