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Elon Musk: A Configurable Tesla Cargo Van Might Be In The Works

Tesla and Elon Musk both have a lot going on at the moment. The CEO is still considering whether to purchase Twitter, and the EV manufacturer is putting a lot of effort into bringing the Cybertruck to market years after it was first promised. Musk is still putting out fresh items and concepts despite this. He mentioned a highly customizable “Robovan” as a potential future Tesla car this morning.

Since the corporation was founded in Texas, it’s not the first time it’s had a van-shaped or van-sized vehicle linked to it. Musk first presented his “Master Plan Part 2” back in 2016, and that breakdown highlighted the need for a “high passenger-density urban transit.” In fact, if we look back at the whole of that second master plan, the only thing Tesla hasn’t yet released is the high passenger-density urban transit vehicle.

Other vehicles in that plan would include the Tesla Cybertruck and the Tesla Semi, both of which have been shown but aren’t yet really in production.

From the looks of it, this car may end up being far more adaptable than anything else in the current Tesla range. According to Musk, depending on capacity, it could be able to transport both people and freight. The demand for all-electric vans has already been established by Ford and Rivian. We’re convinced that Tesla would succeed with a van, if they chose to create one, given that they have the most devoted fans in the automotive industry.

It’s also important to consider how truly “Robo” this van would be and if Tesla will release it before Full Driverless Cars are ready. According to what we can tell from Twitter’s comment section, enthusiasts would be willing to drive themselves to get their hands on a Tesla van as soon as possible.

Musk also suggested the inclusion of an optional solar canopy that could treble the size of the existing roof in order to increase range. That and the trailer that Tesla just discreetly revealed are not that different. We eagerly anticipate finding out if this Tesla Van will be discussed more before the year is through.

Source: Carscoops

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