Elon Musk Biden Twitter
Elon Musk, Biden and Twitter

Biden admin is looking to block Musk’s Twitter deal, weighs security reviews for Musk deals

Elon Musk’s Businesses and Twitter Deal Could Be Examined As Biden Administration Considers Security Review

Due to the amount of authority Elon Musk is accumulating, the administration of President Joe Biden (D) is allegedly considering submitting his commercial operations to national security inspections.

According to Bloomberg News, the government wants to carefully examine Musk’s Twitter agreement and SpaceX’s Starlink satellite network.

The revelation comes after The Washington Post published a story on Thursday afternoon that claimed Musk informed potential investors that he intended to fire “almost 75% of Twitter’s 7,500 employees, reducing the firm down to a skeleton workforce of just over 2,000.”

According to the article, significant layoffs are still anticipated even if Musk’s takeover of Twitter fails to materialize since the present management of the business intended to fire around 25% of the workforce.

According to the article, Twitter officials’ planned layoffs contributed to the company’s desire to accept Musk’s offer to buy it out.

The social network business had been battling Musk in court over his effort to back out of a previous $44 billion purchase bid, which he said was motivated by worries that management was underestimating the true number of false accounts on the site.

Earlier last month, Musk resumed his attempts to buy Twitter. Beyond his worries about phony accounts, Musk has criticized Twitter’s inadequate support for free speech.

It seems possible that the administration’s apparent intention to examine SpaceX’s Starlink satellite network in terms of national security is in response to the company’s demand for payment for its services in a letter to the Pentagon last month.

Elon Musk and Joe Biden
Elon Musk and Joe Biden

We are unable to continue providing Ukraine with terminal donations or ongoing funding for the current terminals, SpaceX’s director of government sales stated in a letter to the Pentagon.

Over the weekend, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk changed his mind about his firm expecting money for its services.

The Ukrainian government will continue to get free financing from us despite Starlink continuing to lose money and other businesses receiving billions of public dollars, Musk said.

According to a story by Politico published on Monday, American sources with knowledge of the matter said that the Department of Defense wanted to pay for the satellites to continue orbiting above Ukraine because it did not appreciate Musk’s unpredictable behavior.

The initiative, which has already been utilized to buy supplies for the nation’s war effort, would probably provide funding for the endeavor.

Since one “super-powerful” individual may arbitrarily decide one day to cut off Ukraine’s internet connection, European authorities are now also participating in negotiations on supporting Starlink, according to Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis in a statement to Politico Europe.

According to Landsbergis, “I concluded that it’s probably far better to have this as a contractual deal between, let’s say, a coalition of nations that could buy a service from Mr. Musk, the Starlink service, and deliver it to the Ukrainians and carry on giving it to Ukrainians.”

Musk seems to imply that he didn’t want to be compensated for the satellite’s service in his response to the Politico article.

Musk said that SpaceX has already withdrawn its financing request. In fact, 25,300 terminals were sent to Ukraine, but as of right now, only 10,630 are making service payments.

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