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Will Twitter Change If Elon Acquires It?

For a while now, Twitter has served as the primary forum for political discourse. It is referred to as the “town square” of the globe and serves as a hub for interaction and knowledge sharing. Elon Musk, known for PayPal, SpaceX, and Tesla, has made a purchase bid for the site. The board approved the transaction, which would cost Musk $42 billion, but it will take time for it to be approved.

However, many Twitter users have declared their intention to stop using the service, while others are upbeat about the future. Since businesses and governments mostly use Twitter for promotion, Musk has hinted that they could have to pay a tiny charge. This is a smart move, particularly given Twitter’s business objectives. Facebook is the king of advertising, and Mark Zuckerberg, its CEO, has a lot to teach us.

However, a lot of people have claimed that managing the information flow is what makes Twitter valuable to acquire. The news cycle is controlled by the platform since it always breaks on Twitter first. Musk has often brought up the importance of free expression. He detests the idea of censorship and believes that Tweets should be allowed as long as they do not incite violence or injury to others.

The task at hand, though, is enormous, if he intends to rewrite Twitter’s rules of engagement. Many questionable prohibitions have been imposed on various groups of persons, mostly those associated with the right side of politics. Most well-known is Donald Trump.

Trump’s ban, in Musk’s opinion, was absurd and he ought to be let back on the platform. Then there’s Trump’s Truth social media network, which he’s developing. Even his Twitter account is not something he wants back, according to public statements he has made. He could need it, however, to appeal to a larger audience if he chooses to run in 2024.

Trump’s Truth Social will just serve as an echo chamber where everyone will agree, which is a problem. That is Twitter’s appeal. Yes, there are instances when it may be nasty and downright juvenile, but generally, the platform hosts some excellent arguments.

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Musk has a challenging task no matter what happens. Given how well-known he has become and how insane some Twitter users can be, he has now established himself as a huge public figure. Social media has traditionally been dominated by leftists, but this appears to be changing. Many users, like Shaun King, said they would stop using the site and never return before returning a week later.

For authors, Twitter is an excellent way to establish a following and promote your book or Substack. So, it seems that many people will say one thing, but then do something another. The foreseeable future of its creator and former CEO Jack Dorsey is an intriguing development. He was initially fired from the business he founded but later came back to lead it. It is unclear if this will repeat again.

Although Musk and Twitter have always said that they would abide by any local laws pertaining to hate speech, this is a touchy matter, particularly with Americans.

Although it is exceedingly difficult to define, several countries have made an effort, and some individuals have faced legal action for remarks they made on the platform. For instance, posting insulting Tweets on Twitter may result in prison time in the UK. Musk has no control over this, but will there be an open forum where ideas can be discussed that are fair and uncensored? Time will only tell.

Source: EconoTimes

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Written by Alex Bruno

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