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Why does Elon Musk continues to have children with Canadians?

Elon Musk’s news of fathering twins with one of his top staffers has furthered the strange trend that the wealthiest man in the world only ever appears to have kids with Canadian women. To our knowledge, the twins were born in November to Shivon Zillis, an executive at Neuralink, the neurotechnology company Musk co-founded in 2016. Zillis, who was up in Markham, Ontario, had the very Canadian quality of being an exceptional hockey player, as shown by the fact that she was awarded a hockey scholarship to Yale University.

I’m making every effort to address the underpopulation situation. Musk acknowledged the births on Twitter, saying, “A declining birth rate is by far the greatest peril civilization faces. Musk now has nine children, seven of whom were also born to Canadian women. His first wife Justine Musk, a Canadian novelist whom he met while attending Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, gave birth to five of them (along with a sixth who passed away in infancy).

The first five Musk children were conceived through IVF, which is probably why they were born as two sets of twins and then triplets. Justine Musk, who was born in Peterborough, Ontario, now resides in Los Angeles and claims to have preserved her ex’s name for the sake of their children.

When Elon was still developing Zip2, a city tour software tool, Justine wrote for Marie Claire shortly after the couple’s divorce in 2010. She described how they had considered having children. “He asked me how many children I wanted to have one night over dinner. I responded right away, “One or two, but I’d want to have four if I could afford nannies,” she added. Musk said that he “made a mocking gesture with his arms and murmured, gleefully, “Baby,” assuming that there would be nannies.”

With Grimes, a Juno-winning Canadian artist from Vancouver, Musk had his sixth and seventh children, who are both well recognized for their odd names. The first, X A-Xii, was created in May 2020 and was given the name of the Lockheed A-12, a 1960s reconnaissance aircraft that is still regarded as one of the fastest aircraft ever created. The second, Exa, was delivered through a surrogate in December, just a few days after Musk and Zillis’ twins.

The billionaire, who was born in South Africa, has dated and even wed non-Canadians, but no children have come out of any of these marriages. After their second divorce in 2016, Musk wed the English actress Talulah Riley twice, however, the union did not produce any children. A short romance with American actress Amber Heard, who had just ended her engagement with actor Johnny Depp, also didn’t result in any children.

Through his mother, former model Maye Musk, who was born in Saskatchewan, Musk has acquired Canadian citizenship. Musk spent his adolescent summers in Saskatchewan with his extended family.

Of course, he also spent two years (1989–1991) studying there. Musk hasn’t made any other extraordinary public declarations about his feelings for Canada or Canadians other from that. His last public reference of Canada was in January when he implied support for the Freedom Convoy rallies that were occupying Ottawa. He spends much of his time in Texas and is seldom seen on Canadian land.

Source: NationalPost

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