Whoopi Goldberg: ‘Fox News Is Now Better Without Tucker Carlson’

Whoopi Goldberg, the champion of “The View”, admits to having a soft spot for Fox News post-Tucker Carlson.

Whoopi Goldberg Tucker Carlson

In a shocking revelation, Whoopi Goldberg, the outspoken co-host of “The View” and longtime advocate for liberal values, has finally found common ground with her longtime ideological rival, Fox News.

In a recent episode of the talk show, Goldberg shared her thoughts on the network after the firing of Tucker Carlson, saying that Fox News is now “better” and “Foxalicious” without him.

Goldberg, known for her no-holds-barred approach and ability to speak her mind on every topic from politics to pop culture, has never shied away from voicing her disdain for Fox News in the past.

But the recent firing of controversial host Tucker Carlson seems to have flipped a switch in Goldberg’s mind, leading her to heap praises on the network.

“The View” host, who’s more accustomed to lambasting conservative commentators, surprised viewers when she declared, “I’ve got to hand it to them. Now that Tucker’s gone, Fox News is like a breath of fresh air – like someone finally opened a window in a room full of hot air balloons.”

The firing of Carlson, known for his polarizing opinions and incendiary remarks, has left a void in the Fox News lineup that Goldberg believes has been filled with “rainbows, unicorns, and a whole lot of common sense.”

She even went on to joke that she’s considering swapping her signature dreadlocks for a more conservative hairstyle, à la the Fox News ladies, to celebrate the new era.

Social media was abuzz with reactions to Goldberg’s unexpected change of heart. Some users claimed that her newfound appreciation for Fox News was a sign of the apocalypse, while others speculated that it was merely a ploy to win a bet with her “The View” co-hosts.

The more imaginative netizens have already started creating memes that feature Whoopi Goldberg as the new face of Fox News, sporting a blonde wig and a beaming smile.

In response to Goldberg’s comments, Fox News issued a statement saying, “We welcome Whoopi’s kind words and appreciate her recognition of our efforts to create a more balanced news environment. Although we don’t expect her to join our network anytime soon, we’re glad to know that she’s enjoying our content.”

It remains to be seen whether Goldberg’s sudden affinity for Fox News will last, or if it’s merely a fleeting moment of camaraderie brought about by Carlson’s exit.

But for now, at least, it seems that the world of news media has been turned upside down, with Goldberg and Fox News enjoying an unlikely truce in the ongoing battle of opinions.

In the meantime, viewers are left scratching their heads and wondering: has Whoopi Goldberg turned over a new leaf, or is she simply having a bit of fun at the expense of her former adversaries? Only time – and perhaps a few more episodes of “The View” – will tell.

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Written by Alex Bruno

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