Trump: ‘No way Elon Musk is going to buy Twitter’

Elon Musk recently said in public that the Twitter acquisition was not yet finalized. His primary issue about the site was the massive amount of bots and bogus accounts he’d have to remove. However, given the rapid pace at which phony accounts are generated on a regular basis, former President Donald Trump will be unable to do so. In reality, with his new platform, ‘Truth Social,’ the former president has been having exactly the same difficulty.

Several journalists and investigators have described the site as a bot conservative ghost town. But, of course, Donald Trump will exaggerate the situation despite the facts. Trump believes Elon Musk will reconsider his purchase of Twitter. Donald Trump spoke to Truth Social on Elon Musk’s decision not to acquire Twitter. In a lengthy piece, he explained why he thinks this would happen, but he also took the time to promote his own platform.

Trump tweeted the following: “Elon Musk would never acquire Twitter for such a ludicrous price, particularly after learning that it is mostly dependent on BOTS or Spam Accounts. ake someone? What do you have after you’ve gotten rid of them if that’s even possible? Not much? Truth Social, in my view, is MUCH better than Twitter and is blossoming with amazing interaction.”

Elon has the option to back out of the transaction, but he will pay a high price for it

Musk has been doing his own due diligence with Twitter’s bots and has encouraged other users to demonstrate the platform’s phony account percentage. He believes that at least 5% of all users are bots or impersonators. But doing so may cost him much more since he said that Twitter’s legal team informed him that sharing this technique of detecting fraudulent users breached an NDA. Musk could not believe his eyes. After all, there has to be even another compelling argument to avoid purchasing Twitter.

Source: MARCA

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Written by Alex Bruno

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