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This Texas man offers Elon Musk 100 Acres of land to move Twitter’s Headquarters out of San Francisco

Twitter’s offices are conveniently located in the heart of San Francisco. So why are people talking about the potential of Twitter’s corporate headquarters moving to a ranch in rural Williamson County if new owner Elon Musk takes over? After Jim Schwertner, a Central Texas cattle rancher and businessman, floated the prospect on social media this week, the far-fetched proposal has taken on a life of its own.

Schwertner, the president and CEO of Schwertner Farms, tweeted to Musk on Tuesday, offering the billionaire 100 acres of property for free in exchange for Musk relocating Twitter’s corporate headquarters to the location. Schwertner is an unincorporated settlement east of Jarrell where the property is located. “Elon, We would give you 100 acres for free if you move Twitter to Schwertner, TX, 38 miles north of Austin,” Schwertner claimed on the social networking platform.

Capitol Land & Livestock is owned by Schwertner, who stated he owns roughly 20,000 acres in Williamson and Bell counties, where his family has been ranching for many generations. Despite the fact that he has yet to hear from Musk, Schwertner said the offer is legitimate, no matter how implausible it may seem. On Thursday, Schwertner told the American-Statesman, “I’m absolutely serious.” “I’m prepared to offer him free land… that’s something not many people are willing to do.” It’s estimated to be worth $10 million.”

“The majority of the neighbours I’ve spoken with believe it’s a fantastic idea. Not only in agriculture, but in general, we need greater variety. He responded, “It’s coming this way regardless.” “Appropriate now, the Jarrell-Schwertner region is one of Texas’ fastest-growing areas, so the timing is right.” This is the next technological frontier. We’ve set up the infrastructure and are ready to launch.”

The wider Jarrell region, which includes Schwertner, is estimated to have a population of about 12,500 people, according to the Jarrell Economic Development Corporation. Gov. Greg Abbott, who earlier this week urged Musk to bring Twitter’s headquarters to Texas, has now expressed his support for a relocation to Schwertner.

“I’m going to make it a “Free Speech Zone.” “Texas, maybe we could call it Twitter. Consider it, @elonmusk “According to the governor’s tweet. Musk’s pursuit of Twitter has been underway for weeks, and the company’s board of directors approved the $44 billion sale on Monday.

Musk’s purchase of Twitter sparked speculation that the billionaire may relocate the company’s headquarters to Central Texas. It’s not beyond of the realm of possibility, according to industry experts and Austin-area tech executives, that he would relocate the company’s headquarters from San Francisco to Austin or create an office there.

Central Texas has become a hub for Musk-led businesses. Musk stated last year that Tesla’s corporate headquarters will be relocated from California to Travis County, where the automaker’s $1.1 billion manufacturing facility is located. Musk’s tunnelling and infrastructure enterprise, The Boring Company, as well as his private charity, have offices in Central Texas.

Schwertner’s offer is intriguing, according to Roger Kay of Endpoint Technologies Associates, but an uncomplicated offer of remote ranch property is a long way from Twitter’s headquarters being relocated.

“Musk is a skilled broken-field runner. So, even if he hadn’t considered it previously, he may consider doing something like this. However, there are issues with personnel, infrastructure, housing, taxes, and a few other issues to be resolved “Kay said.

The firm now employs several thousand people in California, but since Twitter has been one of the first companies to embrace remote work, it’s uncertain how many would transfer even if the headquarters were moved. Should Musk decide to move Twitter’s headquarters, Schwertner views north Williamson County as a suitable option to the city of Austin. “Austin no longer has any cheap homes.” Yes, we do. “We have a fantastic workforce in Williamson County; we have folks who have graduated from University Texas or Texas A&M,” Schwertner said. “I believe the moment has come.”

Source: StatesMan

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