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Tesla CEO Elon Musk won’t be visiting Biden at the White House anytime soon!

President Joe Biden will have to do more to establish a relationship with the top electric car manufacturer on American soil, as well as the world’s largest automotive firm by market capitalization.

Elon Musk is not ready to forgive the Biden administration for ignoring him.

The co-founder and CEO of Tesla (TSLA) – Get Tesla Inc Report took his time replying to Biden’s extended hand a few days ago. Even if he is invited, it is doubtful that he would visit the White House if his response is not forthright.

“Model 3 is literally the most made in America automobile in – well, of course – America,” Musk said on Twitter on Feb. 16 in response to Biden’s comments from February 11. On that day, the Democratic President declared his administration’s resolve to convert the entire government fleet of automobiles to electric cars.

“We are getting ready to convert all 600,000 federal government cars to electric vehicles, bringing more manufacturing jobs back to our nation and strengthening supply chains right here at home.” “‘Buy America’ is becoming a reality, not just a promise,” Biden wrote.

Musk, as usual, took his time responding to the Democratic president, who had waited months to publicly use the term, Tesla. According to a USA Today report, the Model 3 has topped’s 2021 American-Made Index (AMI), making it the first all-electric car to do so in the company’s 16-year history. The world’s wealthiest man wanted to urge the president to keep his words and deeds in sync.

Basically, if Biden wants to purchase American-made electric automobiles, he should order at least the Model 3, Tesla’s entry-level vehicle. The Tesla Model 3 was named the most American-made car for 2021 by in June

“Ranks the new automobiles that contribute the most to the U.S. economy based on factors ranging from U.S. factory employment and manufacturing facilities to components sourcing,” according to’s annual study, which is an “independent yearly ranking.”

“Tesla has firmly secured itself on’s American Made-Index, with the Model 3 and Model Y capturing the No. 1 and No. 3 slots, respectively,” Kelsey Mays, associate managing editor, and the AMI’s primary researcher noted at the time.

Tesla was the first electric vehicle manufacturer in the United States. The Tesla plant in Fremont, California produces both the Model 3 and the Model Y.

Given this scathing reaction, it is reasonable to assume Musk is not ready to make amends with Biden.

On February 8, the Democratic president managed to use the term Tesla for the first time in public after months of studiously avoiding the Austin-based firm and its eccentric CEO.

In a speech regarding the U.S. car industry, Biden said, “Companies have announced commitments totaling more than $200 billion in domestic manufacturing here in America since 2021.”

“From legendary firms like GM and Ford expanding new electric vehicle manufacturing to Tesla — our nation’s biggest electric vehicle manufacturer — to inventive newer companies like Rivian, which builds electric trucks, and Proterra, which builds electric buses,” Biden said.

Following Musk’s concerns that he was not invited by the White House to discuss the president’s hallmark $1.75 trillion Build Back Better legislation, but the CEOs of Ford Motor Company Report and General Motors Company Report were, the Biden administration acknowledged Tesla.

Tesla is by far the most prolific electric car manufacturer in the United States, having produced 1.91 million vehicles since 2009.

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Written by Alex Bruno

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk won’t be visiting Biden at the White House anytime soon!

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