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  • Bud Light Go Woke Go broke
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    Bud Light Finally Admits: ‘Go Woke, Go Broke’

    In an era where corporations grapple with the challenge of aligning their brand messages to contemporary social discourse, Bud Light recently conceded a hard truth in its own journey. The company candidly admitted the repercussions of its marketing approach, encapsulated by the phrase: “Go Woke, Go Broke.” This stark admission stems from a controversial marketing […] More

  • Dylan Mulvaney Bud Light Sue
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    Just in: Dylan Mulvaney Files $200 Billion Lawsuit Against Bud Light for Defamation

    In the latest chapter of an increasingly complex saga, transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney has launched a lawsuit against beer giant Bud Light for defamation and non-payment related to a recent promotional campaign. This development adds a dramatic new twist to an ongoing controversy that has seen Bud Light’s reputation and sales severely impacted. For […] More

  • Kohl's Wokeness
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    Kohl’s Encounters Intense Boycott Similar to Target Amid Controversy Over ‘Wokeness

    Kohl’s, a renowned retailer, has recently found itself in the crosshairs of public criticism and calls for a boycott due to its decision to sell LGBTQ+ themed apparel designed for infants. This controversy has ignited a fervor among consumers, exposing a broader societal divide over the issue of LGBTQ+ representation in the retail space. This […] More

  • Target Pride Collection
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    Just in: Target Removes The Pride Month Collection Completely After The Backlash

    In an unexpected turn of events, retail giant Target has completely removed its Pride Month collection from shelves amid escalating backlash. The decision, announced late last week, follows a tumultuous period for the company, which saw its stock prices plummet to a three-year low. Target’s Pride Month collection, featuring a variety of LGBTQ+ merchandise for […] More

  • Bud Light Boycott Continue

    Just in: No Signs Of Bud Light BoyCott Slowing Down

    In the heart of a bustling, digitized era where consumers are as vocal as ever, Bud Light, one of America’s staple beer brands, finds itself embroiled in a controversy of remarkable persistence. A significant boycott, sparked by a marketing strategy that has ruffled the feathers of many, continues to wage on with little indication of […] More