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    ‘China leading the world in EV’: Elon Musk praises China, calls it the Renewable energy, EV leader

    Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and an entrepreneur most typically associated with innovation for his participation in everything from SpaceX’s trip to Mars to Tesla electric cars, has supported China’s technical advantage in renewable energy and electric vehicles (EVs). “Few appear to realize that China is dominating the globe in renewable energy production and […] More

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    SpaceX Copycat: Leaked China’s new human spaceflight concepts reveal SpaceX Starship lookalike

    China is working on new vehicles for a variety of human spaceflight missions, including a new methane-fueled rocket that seems to be inspired by SpaceX. The country is developing a new generation reusable launch vehicle for missions to LEO and beyond, based on developed technologies, as well as a winged space transportation system and a […] More