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Stopping the Sexua* exploitation of Children on Twitter is Elon Musk’s top priority now

The top priority for Elon Musk is to stop child sexual exploitation on Twitter.

As soon as Elon Musk bought Twitter, he started working on stopping child sexual exploitation on the platform. This is one of the hardest jobs in our society.

About 1.2 million innocent children are victimized by sex trafficking every year, making it one of the most profitable black market sectors. The cost of the whole business of abusing children was estimated by the Department of Homeland Security to be $150 billion.

Musk is concentrating on deactivating Twitter profiles connected to sex trafficking. To identify these exploiters, he got in touch with Andrea Stoppa, the CEO of the cybersecurity company Ghost Data.

Stoppa shared some of her company’s preliminary findings on child sex trafficking on the social media platform Twitter.

“During these weeks, I worked with Twitter’s Trust and Safety team, which was led by specialist Ms. Ella Irwin.”I wish to share some pertinent findings that Twitter generated with you:

“Twitter upgraded its system for locating content involving child sexual abuse or exploitation.” more rapid, effective, and aggressive No leniency will be shown to individuals who engage in these illicit acts. Over the last several days, the daily suspension rate has about doubled.

This indicates that Twitter is doing a capillary examination of its contents, particularly those previously published. When illegal stuff is published, it doesn’t matter. Twitter will discover it and respond appropriately.

“Within the last twenty-four hours, Twitter has begun to step up its efforts and has taken down 44,000 suspect accounts.” This includes more than 1,300 profiles that attempted to avoid detection by communicating using codewords and text hidden in photos.

There isn’t any. Twitter is aware of the KWs, communication channels, external URLs, and techniques used by questionable accounts. Additionally, Twitter works with impartial and knowledgeable third parties to improve its capacity to safeguard children’s safety.

Source: DCEnquirer

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