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Russian scientists use satellites to display advertisements in space: revenue worth millions

It has been determined that satellite billboards are a novel invention in the field of advertising that is both technologically and commercially practical.

According to a study by Russian experts, a brand-new advertising platform that is genuinely out of this planet may generate millions of dollars in income. The study on satellite formation flying for space advertisements was released and claims that it is both technically and commercially feasible.

It will be necessary to deploy a constellation of satellites “into orbit to reflect sunlight and show advertisements in the sky above cities,” according to Skoltech.

The expense of outdoor advertising, the size of the city, and other factors that restrict the number of possible advertising observations all have a role in how much money may be made from an image presentation over a city, according to the article.

A commercial would seem like a constellation of brilliant “artificial stars” arranged into a picture that may be seen for many minutes in a clear night sky.

Shamil Biktimirov, a research intern at Skoltech’s Engineering Center and the study’s primary author, stated, “We’ve been researching some of the more technical elements of space advertising for a long now.”

There are worries about how much pollution this new kind of advertising might cause.

“Earth coverage showed that holding protests in megalopolises with large populations and high CPM is the best tactic for the system’s economic viability. The study report addressed the issue of pollution by stating that “the cities often have persistent light pollution and are not selected as settings for observatories for whom the picture display may be hazardous.”

Source: ArabianBusiness

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Written by Alex Bruno

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