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Royal Caribbean Cruises Looks to Partner With Elon Musk for Wi-Fi

A deal between SpaceX and the Royal Caribbean Group, according to PCMag, has been reached for the provision of Starlink internet on board the latter’s cruise ships. In low Earth orbit, SpaceX’s Starlink satellite network provides high-speed broadband internet access. SpaceX aims to make the service accessible to everyone across the world at a reasonable price and at a reasonable speed. In March 2021, the business applied to the FCC to acquire Starlink mobile.

Transportable Starlink services, such as those for ships, huge trucks, and other mobile vessels are the primary focus for SpaceX. A document filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Friday disclosed Royal Caribbean’s relationship with SpaceX. As a result of our partnership with SpaceX Services, Inc., we think we have discovered a truly next-generation solution for our vessels that satisfies the stringent technical and operational standards that are consistent with our development ambitions.”

The increase in Wi-Fi speeds from 3-5 Mbps to 50-250 Mbps will be made possible with the addition of Starlink to Royal Caribbean’s ships. However, the FCC has yet to give SpaceX the go-ahead to use Starlink on moving spacecraft. Royal Caribbean encouraged the FCC to expedite SpaceX’s licensing application in its petition. As the first of its type in the cruise industry, the partnership with SpaceX “will set the bar for future cruise operators and will imply a jump in terms of passenger experience and business operations while at sea,” according to the firm.

In light of these facts, we are keen to push for new market entrants to help spur an innovation revolution in the industry. Internet service on cruise liners has always been abysmal while the ship is at sea due to the use of outdated satellite equipment. High-speed service from Starlink aims to alter the game.

A better satellite internet service for Royal Caribbean’s ships could not have come at a better time. According to firm CEO Elon Musk, Starlink will be fully operational by mid-2022, which aligns with the business’s expectations. The FCC licensing procedure for SpaceX is contested by other satellite operators. Dish Network and Viasat have filed concerns with the FCC over Starlink, and Dish requested the authority to prohibit Starlink operations on moving vehicles until final permission has been given.

Source: TeslaNorth

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