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‘Rest in Peace’: Elon Musk pays his tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Elon Musk paid his tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

As soon as it was announced that Queen Elizabeth had died. There was complete quiet everywhere. World leaders in politics and business began to show their respect for the last member of the royal family. Even Russian President Putin sent the queen his sympathies. Elon Musk nonetheless went ahead and honored the Queen as well. On Twitter, he sent a statement stating that Queen should now be at peace.

Queen Elizabeth II was 96 years old. She became queen on February 6, 1952, and reigned for a total of 70 years, 214 days. Elon Musk paid his tribute to Queen Elizabeth II by replying to a Tweet saying ‘R.I.P’. Elon replied to the Tweet that said ‘Indeed’.

Jeff Bezos Slams Nigerian-Born US Prof. For Wishing Queen Elizabeth ‘Excruciating’ Death

The founder of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, immediately condemned a university lecturer who wished Queen Elizabeth II an “excruciating” death. On Thursday, Uju Anya, an associate professor of second language acquisition at Carnegie Mellon University, tweeted, “I heard the main ruler of a thieving raping murderous empire is finally dying.” “May her suffering be unbearable.”

Next, citing Anya’s tweet, the third-richest man in the world wrote: “This is someone purportedly striving to make the world better? Bezos chimed in, “I don’t think so. “Wow.” Less than an hour before Queen Elizabeth’s death at age 96 was officially confirmed by Buckingham Palace, the back-and-forth took place while the 96-year-old queen was being treated at Balmoral Castle in Scotland.

The Carnegie Mellon professor explicitly justified her tweet in comments made in response to her first post in other places. Anya replied to a tweet that said, “Ewww you stink,” with, “You mean like your p-ssy?” Just minutes after Elizabeth’s death was reported, Anya doubled down in her criticism of Bezos, writing: “May everyone you and your ruthless greed have injured on this planet remember you as fondly as I remember my colonizers.”

Anya’s first message was eventually removed from Twitter for breaking company policies, which prohibit “wishing or hoping that someone sustains bodily harm.” Requests for comments from Anya and Carnegie Mellon were not immediately entertained.

The professor replied to a commenter who questioned why she would want Elizabeth dead, saying, “I’m not wishing her death. She is already near death. I’m wishing her a torturous demise, similar to the one she made millions of others endure.

You may keep wishing on a star, Anya said, “if anybody wants me to show anything other than disgust for the king who oversaw a government that promoted the genocide that slaughtered and uprooted half my family and the effects of which those living now are still struggling to overcome.

Anya was born in Nigeria, which was a British territory until 1960, according to an interview with her that Carnegie Mellon published in January. When she was ten years old, she relocated to the US, where she later attended the University of California, Los Angeles, Brown University, and Dartmouth College.

Anya said in the Carnegie Mellon interview that her voice is distinctive and fundamental in the area because of systematic marginalization. I am one of the few researchers who consider language education from a social justice viewpoint, as well as the primary researcher looking at race and Black experiences in language acquisition.

Bezos chose to write a second tweet in honor of the Queen rather than replying right away to Anya’s response, stating, “I can think of no one who more epitomized duty. I send my sincere sympathies to all the Brits who are grieving her death today.

Bezos’ support of the Queen came after he and his family reportedly visited Buckingham Palace in July and marveled at the royal family’s collection of artwork and diamonds, according to the Sun.

The publication was informed by a source close to Buckingham Palace that the Bezos visit was already being mockingly referred to as a “shopping expedition” by palace workers. The Throne Room and Ballroom caught his attention in particular.

Bezos reportedly dined with Tom Cruise at an upscale Mayfair restaurant following his visit rather than meeting with members of the royal family. The owner of the Washington Post has increased his Twitter activity recently, using the platform to rip on the Biden administration, Elon Musk, and remember his first employment at McDonald’s.

Source: NYPOST, TheTechOutlook

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