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Photos: Elon Musk and Ari Emanuel power lunches with some ‘attractive’ people in Greece

Elon Musk, the millionaire inventor of Tesla, enjoyed a costly lunch with business associates and Ari Emanuel in Mykonos, Greece, before denying rumors that he had a relationship with Sergey Brin’s wife. “He was with 12 gorgeous individuals at billionaires hotspot Nammos,” a source said of the businessman. “He racked up a 12,000 Euro bill, and he left a 3,000 Euro tip in his lunch bill.”

As for Musk’s lunch with the Endeavor CEO and his wife, plus a few others, not ’12 gorgeous individuals,’ he informed Page Six when we reached out to him. I was single. I’m not sure how much the lunch tab was, but it wasn’t that much. Last week, Emanuel and Sarah Staudinger were seen on a boat in Greece when they were spotted hosing down Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who was bare-chested and wearing a bikini, while on vacation with his new wife.

Additional sources confirmed that Staudinger’s pals were among the “beautiful” group that included Musk, Emanuel, and Staudinger at Nammos. In a tweet sent out a few days before the meal, Musk, 51, said “nothing romantic” had really taken place and denied having an affair with Brin’s wife Nicole Shanahan.

“Totally BS,” you say. We went to a party together last night as friends, Sergey and I!” Musk mentioned the Wall Street Journal article in a tweet late on Sunday. “In three years, Nicole and I have only met twice, and both occasions have included several other individuals. Nothing sentimental. The eccentric Musk added, “Haven’t even had sex in decades (sigh),” to his statement.

The shocking article in The Journal said that Brin, who has not responded, divorced Shanahan after finding out about her alleged liaison with Musk. According to reports, the couple was living apart but still together at the time of the affair. However, Musk told The Post that when he spoke with Sergey and Nicole about the report, “they were both certain that they had not spoken to WSJ, nor had they authorized anybody to comment on their behalf.”
Source & Credits: Page Six
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