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‘One does not need to speculate’: Elon Musk reveals who he believes is actually controlling the Democratic Party

Elon Musk, a billionaire businessman, accused the Democratic Party of being devoted to labor unions, citing President Joe Biden’s administration’s treatment of him vs the corrupt United Auto Workers (UAW) union as proof. “I believe the general public is unaware of the extent to which the Democratic Party is dominated by labor unions. In an interview with the Tesla Owners Silicon Valley group last week, he remarked, “One does not need to speculate on this topic.”

He then focused on the Biden administration’s refusal to invite Tesla to its electric car conference in August, despite the fact that Tesla produces more EVs than any other firm on the planet. “Last year, President Biden hosted an EV meeting at which Tesla was not invited, but the UAW was.” Tesla produces two-thirds of all-electric cars in the United States, so the fact that we were left out of an EV conference at the White House but the UAW was included says it all,” he remarked.

The problem, Musk added, is that Tesla is a non-unionized corporation, which the United Auto Workers (UAW) and its supporters (including the Biden administration) despise. Regardless of the fact that he has a perfectly reasonable cause for refusing to allow the firm to unionize. “In the water sector, Tesla has the greatest salary.” Furthermore, the employees at our Fremont Plant have received five employment offers from other companies. In the Bay Area, there is negative unemployment. Try recruiting someone in the San Francisco Bay Area – it’s absurd. He said, “It’s negative unemployment.”

“Our difficulty is to persuade individuals to remain when there are so many other options available to them, much alone a union.” ‘What, we don’t need a union — I’ve got five other jobs [offers],’ they say. This is the true cause. It’s exactly the contrary of what they’re describing.”

Musk is portrayed by the UAW as a selfish, profit-driven capitalist swine who is unconcerned about his purportedly suffering workers. In brief, the billionaire investor feels he was passed over last year because he refused to allow Tesla workers to form a union. Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary at the time, seemed to corroborate this.

“Well, these are the three major employers of the United Auto Workers, so I’ll let you draw your own conclusions,” she responded yesterday when asked whether Tesla’s non-union status was the cause for the snub. She was referring to the three unionized automakers, GM, Ford, and Stellantis, who were all invited to the EV conference with their UAW masters.

The Biden administration continued to ignore Tesla on a number of occasions. According to Reason magazine, the president’s “Build Back Better” proposal included a clause that would have given buyers “$12,000 for purchasing an electric vehicle… unless it’s a Tesla.” Then, save for Tesla, every major EV manufacturer in America was invited to the White House in January of this year.

According to Forbes, “President Joe Biden met with the company’s major rivals at the White House to commend their efforts–with Tesla CEO Elon Musk noticeably missing.” “GM, Ford, and Cummins engine CEOs basked in the sunshine of President Obama’s praise for their efforts to reduce carbon emissions, increase American manufacturing, and back Biden’s delayed Build Back Better legislation.”

Trump then followed up with a tweet congratulating GM and Ford for “producing more electric cars here at home than ever before” after the meeting.

Musk was irritated by the tweet. He retorted by reminding Trump of Tesla’s existence and referring to him as a “damp sock puppet.” A month later, in his State of the Union speech, the president ignored Tesla once again. According to NDTV, “During the talk, the US President congratulated Ford and General Motors for investing in the nation to develop electric cars and create local employment.” Musk came back with some facts when Trump doubled down in a tweet.

Source: BizPacReview

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