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‘Now in sane hands’: Trump says he’s very happy with Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter

Now that Twitter is in sane hands, it won’t be governed by radical leftist lunatics and maniacs who really despise our nation: Trump

The sale of Twitter to tech billionaire Elon Musk was praised by former president Donald Trump on Friday, who expressed his happiness that the company was “finally in safe hands.”

“After months of ambiguity and rumor, the world’s wealthiest man saw his $44 billion offer to acquire the corporation comes to an end late Thursday. Trump said on his Truth Social platform, “I am extremely delighted that Twitter is now in reasonable hands, and will no longer be ruled by Radical Left Lunatics and Maniacs who sincerely detest our nation.

Following the 2021 attack on the US Capitol that the Republican leader is accused of instigating, Tesla CEO Musk has said he will abolish Trump’s Twitter ban.

But Trump made no mention of his intentions to return from his internet confinement. Since Musk is renowned for harassing other Twitter users, activists are frightened by the idea of Musk overseeing Twitter because they fear an increase in harassment and false information.
With the hope that moderation policies would now be reduced, far-right users applauded the acquisition by posting comments like “masks don’t work” and other insults. Now that bots and phony accounts have damaged Twitter so severely, it must work hard to get rid of them completely. It will be much better, but much smaller,” stated Trump.

Trump will continue to use Truth Social despite Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter

Elon Musk finalized his $44 billion purchase of Twitter on Thursday, tweeting “the bird is liberated” just before midnight and changing his title to “Chief Twit” in his biography. Trump said the following in an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital on Friday:

Elon is someone I admire, and I wish him much success,” Trump remarked. “I hope he handles it well,” However, Trump emphasized that “I don’t believe Twitter can succeed without me.” The former president’s account would theoretically be live if Musk decided to revoke Trump’s lifetime restriction. Regarding whether he would ever use it again, Trump chose not to say.

Trump told Fox News Digital that the new policy won’t change how he uses social media, despite Musk’s suggestion that he would relax Twitter’s content control policies and do away with lifetime bans.

“I’m sticking to the truth. Trump said to Fox News Digital, “I like it better, I like the way it works, I like Elon, but I’m remaining on Truth.

After the riots on January 6, 2021, at the Capitol, Trump was immediately and permanently banned from using any social media. His tweets on the violent protests were flagged by Twitter as being provocative, and they issued a warning about “the possibility of future encouragement of violence.”

The “termination” of Trump from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media firms in 2021, according to Trump, was “one of the worst business choices made in the previous two years,” citing “how poorly these platforms are performing.”

Facebook is now down $80 billion and dull, according to Trump. Twitter has been taken over, and it would never have happened if it weren’t for me. Nobody would have given it a second thought.

According to Trump on Fox News Digital, Twitter was “a failed enterprise” when he first started using it. “I heated up Twitter.” I made Twitter popular 12 years ago,” he said. Then, as they came to an end, it became chilly, so that’s what occurred.
In reference to Twitter and Facebook’s parent firm Meta Platforms Inc., which has had its stock price plummet to its lowest level since February 2016, Trump said that “engagements are drastically down and everything else since I left.”

And if you recall, Twitter was a failing business twelve years ago, he said. “It wasn’t until I joined that it really took off.” After being fired, Trump founded the Trump Media & Technology Group, which went into operation in October 2021. This year saw the official introduction of Truth Social, the social media platform for TMTG.

Trump’s remarks on Friday are consistent with those he gave exclusively to Fox News Digital in April, the month in which Musk initially hinted he might buy the company. At the time, Trump said he would remain on Truth Social and would not join Twitter again.

Trump said on Friday on Fox News Digital, “I want to remain on the Truth because the Truth is better. “I like it more; it looks better in my opinion, and last week, it outperformed TikTok. It ranked first the previous week.

Google introduced Truth Social to the Google Play store earlier this month. Prior to TikTok, Amazon, WhatsApp, and Instagram, Truth Social was the most downloaded app on Google Play when it first launched, and it held that position for over a week.

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