Just in: Whoopi Goldberg Loses It On ‘The View’ After Significant Supreme Court Decision

Whoopi Goldberg Unleashes Fiery Critique on “The View” in Response to Supreme Court’s Ruling on Affirmative Action.

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In an intense discussion on ABC’s “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg, the show’s celebrated liberal pundit, made waves with her passionate condemnation of a recent U.S. Supreme Court verdict. The judgment in question? A landmark ruling that essentially eliminates race-based affirmative action from college campuses nationwide.

Goldberg, renowned for her dynamic contributions to the show, launched into an impassioned monologue that echoed the fervor of the civil rights movements from the 1960s. She recalled the struggle, the marches, and the appalling conditions activists endured in their fight for equal rights, suggesting that such measures wouldn’t have been necessary if all Americans were treated equally.

She laid the loss of affirmative action at the feet of two key individuals – Edward Bloom and Abigail Fisher – whose legal actions, according to them, stemmed from alleged discrimination under the affirmative action policy. Goldberg’s question, brimming with emotion, rang out in the studio: “Why do we scare you?” The question hung in the air as the audience erupted in applause.

The conversation took a sharper turn when Goldberg addressed comments made by Justice Clarence Thomas, the Supreme Court’s conservative Black member known for his opposition to race-based affirmative action. His assertion that he “doesn’t know what diversity is” sparked Goldberg’s ire.

In response, she challenged Justice Thomas, asking if his parents had been able to exercise their right to vote without hindrance. She referenced the 14th Amendment, suggesting that if it had truly leveled the playing field, his parents would have had unimpeded voting rights. Goldberg argued that this change only came about because people demanded it.

In a poignant moment, she invoked the image of civil rights activists being hosed down during protests, asking rhetorically, “Who wants to get hit by water from a water hose?” The question served as a stark reminder of the sacrifices made in the fight for voting rights. Her message to Justice Thomas was crystal clear, calling out his comments on diversity as disingenuous.

Goldberg’s fellow hosts were quick to join the heated discussion. Joy Behar, known for her outspoken viewpoints, expressed her disdain for legacy policies upheld by prestigious institutions such as Harvard. Drawing from her own humble background, Behar highlighted the disconnect between such policies and the reality of everyday Americans like her.

Behar echoed Goldberg’s sentiment, dismissing the notion propagated by right-wing commentators of a post-racial society following the election of a Black president. She warned against complacency, emphasizing that racism still thrives. Furthermore, she expressed concern over the potential rollback of other hard-won rights, like gay marriage and abortion rights.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, the show’s conservative co-host, interjected, emphasizing that marriage equality is protected by the Senate.

However, the conversation returned to the focal point when Justice Thomas’s opinion was brought up again. He had criticized Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson’s “race-based worldview” and the liberal stance supporting affirmative action to balance the socioeconomic disadvantages of minority students.

In response to this, Goldberg questioned whether the individual achievement Thomas praises can be separated from the systematic advantages or disadvantages an individual might experience. She argued that labeling the push for equality as “consigning to victimhood” disregards the systemic hurdles faced by marginalized communities.

Goldberg’s spirited defense of affirmative action on “The View” underlines the national debate sparked by the Supreme Court’s decision. It remains to be seen how this ruling will affect the future of diversity and equality on college campuses. However, one thing is certain – the issue will continue to spark passionate conversations, both on and off “The View.”

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