Just in: Fans Go Wild as Riley Green Drops ‘Bud Light’ from Popular Song

Fans cheer as country music singer Riley Green swaps out “Bud Light” lyric in his song for a more palatable option during a Nashville concert, amid ongoing backlash against the beer company’s transgender activist stunt.

riley green Bud Light

Bud Light is currently experiencing significant cultural backlash following a transgender activist campaign that featured Dylan Mulvaney.

This led country music singer Riley Green to change the “Bud Light” lyric in his song to “and coolers never ran out of cold Coors Light,” which the crowd loved. While some pointed out that Coors Light had participated in “Gay Pride” events and advertising, this is not equivalent to promoting sex change surgery for children or making incursions into female sports.

Budweiser CEO Brendan Whitworth issued a lengthy statement in response to the uproar, expressing his desire to make every consumer feel proud of the beer the company produces.

He stated that Budweiser is in the business of bringing people together over a beer and is focused on building and protecting its remarkable history and heritage.

However, critics found his statement to be empty and distasteful to its core audience, akin to drinking a can of Bud Light.

Donald Trump Jr. has come out in support of Budweiser, arguing that the company is too iconic to boycott and that the executives have learned their lesson.

However, conservative writer and commentator Matt Walsh is urging his followers to keep up the pressure on the beer company, and according to a report, recent sales of Bud Light are down by 70% due to the boycott from drinkers and distributors.

It remains to be seen whether the Bud Light boycott will continue, but some industry experts believe it may have more legs than most.

Ultimately, Budweiser will need to find a way to reconcile with its customers and win back their trust if it hopes to recover from this setback.

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