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Just in: Elon Musk Punches Don Lemon During CNN Interview

Elon Musk’s Punching Outburst: A Shocking Turn of Events During CNN Interview.

Elon Don Lemon

In a shocking turn of events during a recent CNN interview, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, reportedly punched anchor Don Lemon in the face.

The interview started off innocently enough, with Lemon asking Musk about his plans for colonizing Mars and the future of electric cars. However, tensions quickly escalated when Lemon brought up Musk’s recent controversial tweets about the COVID-19 pandemic.

“You’ve been spreading misinformation about the pandemic on social media,” Lemon said. “Do you think you’re doing more harm than good?”

Musk, visibly agitated, responded, “I think it’s important to question the mainstream narrative and do your own research. You can’t just blindly trust what the government and the media tell you.”

Lemon pressed on, asking Musk if he thought he was smarter than the world’s leading health experts. That’s when Musk reportedly snapped and punched Lemon in the face.

The incident was caught on camera and quickly went viral on social media, with many people condemning Musk’s violent behavior. Some even called for a boycott of Tesla and SpaceX products.

Musk later released a statement apologizing for his actions, saying that he was under a lot of stress and didn’t mean to harm anyone. He also pledged to donate $10 million to COVID-19 research and urged his followers to get vaccinated.

Despite the apology, many people are still calling for Musk to face consequences for his actions. Some have even started a petition to have him banned from social media.

In the end, the incident serves as a reminder that even the most successful and influential people can let their emotions get the best of them. Let’s hope that Musk learns from this experience and uses his platform to promote positive change in the world.

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Written by Alex Bruno

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