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‘It’s over’: Twitter’s head of France quits amid staff exodus

In light of expected future layoffs at the troubled platform under new CEO Elon Musk, Twitter’s Head of France, Damien Viel, has announced he is quitting the firm.

The media has claimed that Twitter’s Head of France, Damien Viel, has stated he is quitting the firm amid impending layoffs at the troubled platform under its new CEO Elon Musk.

Viel announced his retirement from Twitter in a post as the firm experienced a personnel exodus and further job layoffs were anticipated.

Additionally, Viel provided Bloomberg with a second communication in which he confirmed his resignation. For over seven years, he had been the region’s leader.

The Bloomberg story said that certain staff at the Paris office, which had fewer than 50 employees before billionaire Musk took control last month, are focused on advertising partnerships.

Following a wave of mass engineer resignations last week, Musk has announced plans to dismiss further Twitter workers beginning on Monday (November 21), focusing on the company’s sales and partnership divisions.

According to sources cited by Bloomberg, individuals who departed included personnel in technical jobs as opposed to those in sales, partnerships, and comparable professions. He instructed those organizations’ CEOs to hunt for more staff to fire on Friday.

According to the source, Robin Wheeler, who has been in charge of marketing and sales, rejected to think about terminating anyone. Maggie Suniewick, who managed relationships, reportedly disagreed with the decision as well.

According to the article, as a consequence, both of them lost their employment. A number of significant adjustments are taking place in the business as a result of the tumultuous acquisition by tech billionaire Musk.

When renowned app researcher Jane Manchun Wong posted that Twitter was bringing back end-to-end encrypted direct messaging for Twitter on Android, the new CEO responded with a “wink,” suggesting that Twitter may be planning to provide end-to-end encryption for direct messages (DMs).

Musk stated last week that users would soon be able to compose lengthy tweets, which is another update to Twitter.

Musk wrote in reaction to a string of tweets, “Ability to do extended tweets coming shortly.”

Due to its origins as a short message service (SMS), Twitter initially only allowed for a maximum of 140 characters per Tweet (which was partly driven by the 160-character limit of SMS, with 20 characters reserved for commands and usernames).

According to the Twitter Developer Platform, as the microblogging platform developed over time, the maximum Tweet length increased to 280 characters, which is still concise and to the point but allows for greater expression.

Source: ABP Live

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