Elon Musk's Tesla subpoenaed by the SEC

German road traffic agency: Recalling Tesla models Y and 3 because 59K vehicles have software glitch

The automated emergency call system in Tesla models Y and 3 are being recalled by Germany’s road traffic administration due to a flaw that affects 59,000 cars worldwide. A software issue was to blame for the failure of the eCall, which is intended to immediately alert emergency services in the case of a catastrophic accident, according to the KBA watchdog in a statement posted on its website on June 29.

The recall was initially announced on Saturday by German regional radio Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, which covers the area where Tesla’s German model Y and battery manufacturing facility are located close to Berlin.

KBA could not say how many of the 59,129 automobiles impacted worldwide were registered in Germany.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, now has to deal with the software issue in addition to the fact that the company’s production and supply chain were affected by China’s Covid-19-related closure, which led to 17.9 percent fewer electric cars deliveries in the second quarter than in the prior quarter.

Tesla’s new plants in Texas and Berlin, according to Musk, are “losing billions of dollars” as they try to raise production amid a battery shortage and problems with Chinese ports. Before it could request a recall, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had to enhance its investigation into 830,000 Tesla cars equipped with the sophisticated driving assistance system Autopilot. Tesla wasn’t available to comment right away.

Source: CNBC

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