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Exposed: Hunter Biden Twitter files released by Elon Musk

Elon Musk publishes documents on Twitter’s censoring of the news of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Elon Musk, the founder and CEO of Twitter, said late Friday afternoon that he will explain “what really happened” when the New York Post’s account was shut down and the article about Hunter Biden’s laptop was taken down from the social media site.

In 2020, rumors concerning Hunter Biden’s laptop were restricted from dissemination on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms under the flimsy and now debunked theory that they may be Russian misinformation.

The New York Post’s post was flatly blocked by the firm, and their account was also suspended as a result. The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, then withdrew that, and the Washington Post resumed tweeting, but the story was still mostly seen as radioactive on social media and in the media. Until it was shown to be true, that is.

Conservatives and Republicans have made a big deal out of the whole scenario, claiming that it violates the liberties guaranteed by the First Amendment to the people and the press.

Since then, they’ve talked a lot more about it, and what they’ve said suggests that it might have had an effect on the election.

After Musk said he would expose “what actually occurred,” the responses and criticism started pouring in. As indicated by a response that appeared immediately after his first message, it didn’t take long to determine which direction the news he provided would be heading.

That’s what you’d expect, since he’s already said this week that Twitter “messed with” previous elections. Regardless, time passed after he made the significant statement. Musk then said that there would be a delay as he “double-checked some information,” but that he expected to have something in roughly 40 minutes

Even then, the period came and passed. and they continued to grow.

Eventually, he reposted a tweet from Matt Taibbi that seemed like a commercial and left several people perplexed. This time, he used two popcorn emojis.

There was some “throat-clearing” at the beginning of the Taibbi thread, but it quickly morphed into a series of images and explanations of events from the beginning of the Hunter Biden narrative.

Source: Mediaite

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Written by Alex Bruno

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