Elon Musk’s dad says he ‘isn’t proud of him’; says he’s worried his son will never find a woman

As Elon Musk has made clear, he loathes his father, Errol Musk. This sentiment seems to be echoed by other members of the Musk family. Throughout a twenty-minute interview on Australia’s “The Kyle and Jackie O Show,” Errol appeared to favor Elon’s younger brother, Kimbal, referring to him as his “pride and pleasure” in the conversation.

In an interview, Errol said that he was not proud of his son for being the wealthiest man in the world since the whole Musk family had done “many things for a long time.” Even though Errol Musk insists he isn’t proud of Elon Musk, Kimbal is his “Pride and Joy.”

Errol, 76, was asked during the interview by Business Insider about how he feels about his son Elon. Not at all. “I mean,” said the South African engineer. “We are a family who has been involved in a wide range of activities for a long time. We’ve been doing this for generations.” We haven’t exactly just begun behaving in this manner.

Errol went on to claim that he had traveled frequently with Elon, Kimbal, and Tosca ever since his kids were tiny, to China and the Amazon. They have gone through a lot, and collectively, we have done a lot of things, he confessed, “But Elon has really kind of reality beyond the mark.”
Elon Musk With His Son
Errol expressed contradictory statements about Elon, but he was not ashamed to call Kimbal, Elon’s younger brother, his “pride and joy.” Despite Errol’s claim that he is also wealthy, a 2021 Forbes story estimated Kimbal’s net worth to be at $700 million. The Bloomberg Billionaire Index now pegs Elon Musk’s net worth at $260 billion.

Errol also commended the union of Kimbal and Cristiana Wyly and showed concern for Elon’s potential for a romantic relationship by stating that it would be difficult for him to find a spouse who would give up her work in order to accommodate him.

Errol said, “He must find a woman to stop what he is doing, and that’s not simple.

Elоn Musk has married three times. His first wife, Justine Wilson, was his wife from 2002 to 2012. To Talulah Riley, to whom he was twice married, He also had a history of notable relationships, including that with actress Amber Heard from “Aquaman” and Canadian pop artist Grimes. Musk welcomed twins last month with the help of a senior Neuralink executive.

Despite Elon earning lots of scandalous news owing to his courtroom drama with Twitter and his rumored romance with Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s divorced wife, Errol Musk has generated some quite eye-catching stories of his own.

Errol, 76, said in an interview he gave in the middle of June to The Sun that he and his stepdaughter, 35, had a second love child in 2019. Errol has been parenting the daughter since she was barely 4 years old, despite the fact that he is not her biological father. Shortly after that information was public, Errol said that a Colombian company had invited him to donate his sperm to various South American women.

Why go to Elon when they can go to the person who really created Elon, they ask? I have a company that wants me to donate sperm to impregnate high-class women, Errl stated to The Sun.

It is common knowledge that Elon is the biological father of at least 10 children, some of whom were delivered by means of surrogacy. However, Elon’s own father was the biological father of at least seven kids with three distinct women. Errol said in the publication that “the only reason humans exist on Earth is to reproduce.”

Errol did not identify the company, but he did mention that “They have offered me first-class flights and five-star hotel accommodations and all that kind of thing,” so when asked to donate his sperm for some pleasant advantages, he said, “Why not?”

Source: Ceng News, The Sun, Bloomberg

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