Elon Musk’s college girlfriend sells old photos of him: Here’s how much she sold them for

“We broke up just before he started conquering the world.”

An article from December about an auction of test papers that Elon Musk scored caught Jennifer Gwynne’s attention. She graduated from North Providence High School in 1992 and now resides in South Carolina. They were auctioned for almost $7,700.

Gwynne immediately raced to her hubby. Gwynne had more valuable items than some papers with the letters “EM”: she dated Musk in college and had pictures of him, a birthday card, and a necklace he once gave her. They are up for bid via the Boston-based auction business RR Auction, with a Wednesday deadline. On artifacts from Gwynne’s collection, including images of Musk hanging out in North Providence, bidders are offering thousands of dollars.

In an interview, Gwynne remarked, “If Elon wants to bid, I completely invite him to do it.” While serving as resident advisors at the University of Pennsylvania in the 1990s, Gwynne and Musk became friends. They dated between 1994 and 1995, when Musk graduated, relocated to California, and said he was unable to speak on the phone since doing so felt like a waste of time, according to Gwynne.

Elon Musk College
This photograph of Elon Musk during his college years is among the items a college girlfriend, North Providence High School alum Jennifer Gwynne, has put up for sale. COURTESY: JENNIFER GWYNNE/RR AUCTION

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, and his then-mementos girlfriend were featured in college images that sold for $165,000 at auction.

On Thursday, RR Auction, a Boston-based company, said that the items were a collection of never-before-seen pictures and mementos from Jennifer Gwynne, Musk’s undergraduate sweetheart.

Gwynne, 48, said she is auctioning off the items in order to help pay for her stepston’s college tuition.

On Wednesday, Musk updated his Twitter profile to include one of the images. Gwynne said in an interview with The Boston Globe that after reading about an auction of test papers that Musk graded, she realized she had many more private materials she could offer for sales, such as candid pictures, a birthday card from him, and a necklace he gave her.

Source: Boston, CBS News

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