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Elon Musk’s absence from Twitter is upsetting the mainstream media

Since Elon Musk hasn’t tweeted in over a week, it’s becoming very noticeable. The CEO’s absence and potential implications have been discussed in various mainstream media outlets’ recent articles. It is rather ironic. Musk is one of Twitter’s most active users, particularly now that he has 100 million followers. He is a frequent user of Twitter, using it to share memes, thoughts, and odd rants and disagreements on a range of subjects.

Elon Musk is so prominent that news about Tesla and SpaceX often includes his tweets. On Twitter, Musk often shares updates and insights on the projects and products of his firm, many of which are noteworthy. Musk’s spontaneous remarks and outbursts provide fodder for contentious news stories. However, since Elon Musk’s Twitter account has been mostly inactive, Twitter has changed.

And several major media sites, some of whom often include Musk’s tweets in their stories, are now perplexed as to where the CEO has disappeared. The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, has not been active on Twitter, and as is customary, this has led to a lot of stories detailing this.

In a sense, Musk’s absence just serves to highlight how active he is on Twitter. Even though the CEO only has the sixth-highest number of followers on Twitter right now, he is perhaps the only person who could lead to dozens or even hundreds of pieces regarding his online absence. This is most likely due to Musk’s frequent claims that he expresses himself on Twitter.

Musk does have some good justifications for his decision to forego Twitter at this time. After many difficult months in China, Tesla is concluding the second quarter, while SpaceX is quite busy with its Starship development.

Additionally, he is in the course of acquiring Twitter, a transaction that will likely need to be renegotiated due to the CEO’s worries about the platform’s bot users. No matter how much Musk’s detractors dislike his usage of Twitter, it’s impossible to argue that the social media site is considerably quieter and far duller without the CEO.

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Written by Alex Bruno

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