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Elon Musk: Tesla Steam integration demo coming next month

Whether they concern Tesla, SpaceX, or any other subject on Musk’s Twitter account, Elon Musk is widely known for his hyperbolic remarks. These claims are not necessarily true, or at least not as true as they are absurd. One of these odd concepts is the report that the digital PC gaming platform and showcase Steam would be accessible in Tesla vehicles.

Musk would not rule out the prospect of utilizing Steam in Tesla automobiles, however. Even more so, he asserts that Tesla may soon adopt Steam. Last week, a tweet from the Silicon Valley-based Tesla owner group mentioned playing games on their car. Shortly after publishing the article, the Tesla Model X’s owner posted a video of him playing different games on the dashboard as the electric vehicle charging.

To play Cuphead, they even attach a DualShock 4 controller to the PlayStation 4. Then, Elon Musk replies to a tweet with an update on the Tesla vehicles’ Steam status.

Concern Over Video Games in Tesla Cars Voiced by US Government

The first part of Musk’s succinct response is that Tesla is continuing to work on and “making progress” on developing a Steam showcase for Tesla. This vague remark is to be anticipated. Musk, though, takes a step further and states that the demo will “probably” be made accessible next month. To put it another way, a beta version of Steam for Tesla owners might arrive as early as the month of August.

In Musk’s Twitter message, the term “demo” carries a lot of weight. It’s possible that he was talking to the Steam version, which is just used to test how the software performs on Tesla vehicles and doesn’t really run any games. This may imply that a single game or something like tiny might be played just for testing reasons. Or he could have meant that only a select group of Tesla drivers will get the release of a more significant beta version of Steam.

The Mask “demo” term offers a lot of space for interpretation, and the phrase “probably” leaves up the potential that this feature won’t debut anytime soon. Musk has a propensity to provide material too soon or, as happened with Twitter, to entirely renege on these commitments. Tesla owners may not want to have too high of expectations for Steam’s impending release.

No reason why Tesla couldn’t operate on Steam if it can run on a tiny portable PC like Steam Deck. This does not imply, however, that Tesla will get the same consideration and improvement as Steam Deck. A moving vehicle hosting Valve’s game platform would undoubtedly encounter opposition, if not outright opposition. When a Tesla crashes and the driver is using Steam to play games, Valve does not want to read the news stories about it. Despite this, it seems that more Tesla car-related Steam news is set to arrive.

Source: SomagNews

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