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Elon Musk: Tesla is aiming for same-hour service with ‘Formula 1 pit crew techniques’

Elon Musk said that he is using “Formula 1 pit crew practices” to help Tesla provide same-hour servicing on its cars as often as feasible. As per usual, Musk made the news on Twitter: “I’m eager to collaborate with Tesla Service to provide same-hour service as often as feasible! Applying Formula 1 pit crew techniques to Teslas.”. Tesla has actually before announced similar initiatives.

In order to oversee new service initiatives as the Global Director of Service Innovation, Tesla recruited Kenny Handkammer in 2015. He has 25 years of F1 experience and was formerly the chief mechanic at Red Bull Racing. Fast lanes at service centers, modeled after those in Formula One, were one of the first initiatives he implemented. After leaving Tesla in 2017, Handkammer is currently head of Lucid Motors’ global technical service and operations.

After previously announcing a greater emphasis on service over the last several months, Tesla made this fresh statement today.

We wrote about Musk’s declaration that Tesla is developing service in North America and intends to complete the majority of appointments and repairs on the same day last month. As we pointed out, it is crucial since Tesla’s fleet of customers is expanding far more quickly than its support infrastructure. Musk, however, did not go into detail about how Tesla intends to do it.

We underestimated the extent of Tesla’s service issues until we discovered that the firm was even sending unskilled workers from other departments to work on automobiles. One week after the announcement of the same-day repair, Musk clarified when a worker prompted him to:

Even though we sort of utilizes the car app, I believe that service is still done in a very normal manner. Because of this, we provide better servicing than the rest of the business. However, I really want Tesla to consider how we can reinvent service and, I dunno, make it 10 times better than the rest of the industry.

According to the CEO, a component of that ambition is to increase the proportion of appointments that include same-day repairs to 2/3. He said that Tesla has examined the data for all the various repairs and was certain that, if components are readily accessible at the service facilities, the majority of them can be completed the same day.

Musk said that he wants Tesla to reach this objective by having larger service centers and a greater focus on specialized services, which means that each service center will have service bays to carry out extremely particular tasks. It seems that the recently revealed “Formula 1 pit crew skills” may be relevant to the new model.

Source: Electrek

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