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Elon Musk reacts to allegations that he had an affair with Google co-founder Sergey Brin’s wife

Elon Musk has denied rumors that he had an affair with Sergey Brin’s friend and fellow Google co-founder Nicole Shanahan. The 51-year-old inventor of Tesla refuted allegations that he had an affair with Shanahan in a series of tweets, claiming there are no romantic ties at all. “This news is a complete hoax. I’m pals with Sergey, and last night we went to a party together “Tweeted he.

“In three years, Nicole and I have only met twice, and both times, there were many other people there. Nothing sentimental.” The wealthy businessman then claimed that he has been so busy lately that he hasn’t had time for even a casual relationship, much less an affair. In a follow-up message, he said, “Yeah, the character assassination attempts have increased this year, but the articles are all nothing-burgers.

“I just don’t have much time for mischief because of my erratic job schedule. The main suspects in these alleged wrongdoings weren’t even questioned!” According to the Wall Street Journal, Brin, 48, filed for divorce in January of this year after learning that Musk allegedly had a short relationship with Shanahan in December.

When he filed papers in California’s Santa Clara County Superior Court, Brin claimed “irreconcilable disagreements,” according to documents acquired by the WSJ.

Brin reportedly filed for divorce many weeks after becoming aware of the alleged affair, according to those close to him. In his divorce petition, Brin sought joint custody of his daughter, who was born in 2018 and they also share with Shanahan.

According to the source, Brin and Shanahan were still cohabitating on December 15 when the alleged affair allegedly took place in the first week of the month. The two computing giants were also said to be close friends, with Musk previously disclosing that throughout the years, he often crashed at Brin’s house in Silicon Valley. The WSJ also pointed out that in 2008, when Tesla was struggling to raise production due to the recession, Brin gave Musk a $US500,000 ($720,000) lifeline.

Brin is likewise very affluent, with a net worth of over $346 billion, similar to that of Musk. The Google executive has a net worth of $US95 billion ($137 billion), making him the seventh wealthiest person in the world, according to Bloomberg.

The revelation was released a few weeks after Musk discreetly gave birth to twins in November 2017 with one of his top staffers, soon after having his second kid with artist Grimes.

Musk and Shivon Zilis, the 36-year-old head of operations and special projects at Neuralink, a neurotechnology firm that creates implanted brain-machine interfaces, according to court records acquired by Insider, are parents to the twins. Musk then acknowledged the claim on Twitter. “helping the underpopulation situation as best I can. The greatest threat to society is a decline in birthrate, “Tweeted he. He then added: “I wish you have enormous families and kudos to those who already have,” before concluding with “Mark my words, they are regrettably true.”

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