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Elon Musk: Humans shouldn’t live longer, they will ‘asphyxiate’ society

In a recent interview, Elon Musk, the creator of Tesla and Space X, said that he does not think people should live longer because their outdated notions would cause “asphyxiation of society,” blocking growth. In an interview with Mathias Döpfner, the CEO of Business Insider’s parent company, Axel Springer, at the Tesla Factory in Freemont, California, Musk said that although the dropping birthrate is the “single largest danger to the survival of human civilization,” he is less concerned about longevity.

“We shouldn’t aim to make people live for a long period, in my opinion. Because the reality is, most individuals do not alter their minds, it would cause society to suffocate “According to Musk, “They just succumb to death. So, until they die, we’ll be stuck with outdated notions and civilization would stagnate.”

Musk stated that for democracy to work, political leaders should be 10 to 20 years younger than the average age of the people they rule. Musk said that although keeping his health is vital, dying would “come as a relief.” “I believe we already have a significant problem with gerontocracy,” Musk told Döpfner. “It’s a very old leadership in the United States. And staying in contact with individuals when you are many generations older than them is very difficult.”

“The founding fathers of the United States of America established minimum age requirements for municipal officeholders. However, they did not provide maximum ages since they did not anticipate humans living for such a long time. They were supposed to, “He didn’t stop talking. “Because the leaders of a democracy must be in touch with the majority of the populace in order for it to work. You also can’t claim to be connected if you’re too young or too old.”

Musk started deploying Starlink terminals to Ukraine last month after Russian cyber-attacks and shelling disrupted internet access in the initial days of the invasion, responding to a request from Ukraine’s digital minister on Twitter within 48 hours. Despite Russia’s anti-satellite missile test a few months ago, Musk said he didn’t think the Russians would be able to knock down Starlink’s 2,000 satellites quickly enough. While SpaceX develops and produces its own rocket engines, Musk believes that Russia’s decision to cease delivering rocket engines to American firms in reaction to sanctions over the Ukraine conflict would have a short-term effect on Boeing and Lockheed.

Musk stated of his part in keeping Ukrainians online throughout the crisis, “I believe I can be useful in wars.” “I attempt to take a series of steps that will increase the likelihood of a bright future. And, of course, I make errors in this area from time to time. I do whatever I believe will most likely assure humanity’s long-term well-being. That’s what I’m going to do.”

Musk, despite his estimated net worth of $260 billion and over 80 million Twitter followers, described himself as “medium happy” and stated he feels lonely.

“I’m lonely at times. Everyone, I’m sure, has lonely moments. However, it is rather straightforward “According to Musk, “For example, if I’m working on the starship rocket and I’m just living in my tiny home by myself, particularly if my dog isn’t with me, I’m lonely because I’m just in a little house by myself with no dog.”

Musk and Canadian artist Grimes recently split up again, despite the fact that the couple had their second child, a daughter, through surrogate a few months earlier.

On the subject of climate and sustainability, Musk stated that Germany’s decision to shut down its last nuclear power plants this year was “complete nonsense,” claiming that doing so in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine created a “national security danger.”

According to Reuters, Germany’s Economy Minister Robert Habeck said earlier this month that the government must develop alternative energy sources in “Tesla space” to reduce its dependency on Russian gas. However, although Musk views solar energy as the primary source of energy for civilization in the future, he believes it is critical to preserve nuclear power between now and then, particularly in Germany and other nations where natural disasters aren’t a major concern. Optimus, Neuralink, and Starship technologies were also mentioned by Musk.

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Written by Alex Bruno

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