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Elon Musk hasn’t tweeted in a week; why?

Elon Musk started tweeting often once the new agreement to acquire Twitter was revealed. His tweets covered a wide range of subjects, including politics, technology, economics, and plenty of memes. He increased his engagement with his 100+ million followers, or 43% of all platform users, as he became aware that he could be able to purchase the platform.

This abruptly changed last Friday for an unexplained reason, and we will now examine Musk’s conduct. The Tesla CEO has not sent out a single tweet over the whole week. His most recent Twitter answer was a joke in which he likens himself to Marvel’s The Hulk. In terms of single tweets, he published another meme where he makes fun of American petrol costs.

Elon Musk hasn’t tweeted in a week; why?

Elon Musk is likely negotiating the terms of the company’s acquisition, which is the most apparent explanation for why he hasn’t tweeted for a whole week. There was undoubtedly a provision in the agreement that forbids him from publishing anything while finalizing the $44 billion transactions.

He’ll likely return to the platform when this bargaining time is over and be more active than before. However, there is another covert explanation for Elon Musk’s silence, and it has to do with the Roe v. Wade decision annulment that occurred last week. Since Musk has been advocating for women’s rights for many years, he has a direct stake in the outcome of this case.

What is Elon Musk’s opinion on fertility?

Elon Musk’s pre-set tweet at the top of his profile does seem engaging to the rest of the globe. For many years, he has discussed the decline in fertility rates since the 1970s. He believes that the absence of new births is the world’s largest problem.

Although Musk has never discussed abortion, the Supreme Court’s decision this week to reverse the famous Roe v. Wade case verdict is directly related to what Musk has been discussing for years. Now that all is obvious, Elon Musk has always been pro-life because he believes that more births are necessary to maintain human civilization. Watch how he aligns with the Republicans on this topic when he has the chance to tweet again; he’s done it on a tonne of other occasions.

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