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Elon Musk exposed US President Joe Biden’s corruption; Here’s how

This is how Elon Musk exposed President Biden’s corruption

FILE - Tesla and SpaceX Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk speaks at the SATELLITE Conference and Exhibition in Washington, on March 9, 2020. Tesla shares tumbled more than 7% in early trading on Friday, June 3, 2022, on a report that Musk is considering laying off 10% of the electric automakers’ workers. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

President Joe Biden may already be the most despised leader in American history after only two years in office. And Elon Musk, who supports free expression, hasn’t let go of Joe Biden or anybody else he despises. Even Elon Musk has openly criticized the graft of this “Sleepy Joe” administration.

The fact that America is renowned as the Home of the Free and Land of the Brave serves as inspiration for Elon’s criticism of the country’s president. Musk is allowed to express his opinions, and he even had the guts to criticize Joe Biden.

First, as illegal immigration hit historic highs, Biden refused to complete Trump’s border wall and instead spent approximately $500 000 constructing a security fence around his Delaware beach residence. But since he was elected president, he has only gone there twice a month.

The principal awarding and financing office for the contract is identified as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), while the US Secret Service is identified as the subagency. Notably, the DHS remained silent when asked why the contract grew by $26,933 for “extra work” in November 2021 and by $6,844 owing to a “supplemental agreement” in Nov 2021. Surprisingly, they cited operational security concerns in declining to comment on the “supplemental agreement”.

Elon Musk criticizes Biden’s proposal to use taxpayer funds to purchase electric cars

President Joe Biden’s social and climate spending measure is opposed by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who also expressed his worries about the “insane” government budget.

During The Wall Street Journal CEO Council Summit late Monday, Musk remarked, “Honestly, I would simply can this entire bill.” “Don’t pass it, that’s my advice,” the man said.

To increase customer demand for electric cars, the House-passed Build Back Better Act, which has not yet reached the Senate, provides tax incentives of up to $12,500 for vehicles made by members of autoworker unions. With the help of the Biden administration, Tesla, which doesn’t use union labor to construct its vehicles, would once again be eligible for the $7,500 tax subsidy that many other automakers still enjoy. However, Musk said that Tesla has been running without the customary $7,500 for over two years and is doing just fine.

The Biden infrastructure measure, which was enacted into law last month, is followed by the Build Back Better Act. It includes $7.5 billion for the expansion of the country’s electric car charging infrastructure. The government does not need to support EV charging, according to Musk’s Monday remarks.

Do we need assistance with petrol stations? We don’t,” asserted Musk. Therefore, there is no need for network support. I’d take it out. I want to say stop all subsidies, including those for oil and gas.

The government, according to Musk, should behave more like a referee in a sporting event than like a participant. He did, however, agree that self-driving vehicles, which Tesla is working on but has not yet produced, would certainly clog up the roadways with traffic in the future and that American cities need better airports and highways.

“As autonomous vehicles become more prevalent and driving becomes less painful—which is unquestionably coming—it will be one of the largest shifts in human society ever, and there will be more automobiles on the road. Traffic will worsen, according to Musk.

He defined “flying automobiles” as helicopters with wheels and said he doesn’t like them. People do not want helicopters to be overrunning the air, according to Musk.

Elon Musk criticizes Joe Biden and claims that he hasn’t accomplished anything

During an interview this week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk criticized Joe Biden, claiming that the president only reads from a teleprompter and that his government has not accomplished anything. On a podcast with Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks, and David Friedberg that was taped Monday night at the All-In Summit, Musk added, “To be quite honest, it’s impossible to know what Biden is doing.”

“Whoever operates the teleprompter is the true president. The road to the teleprompter is the road to power. I do think it would be like ‘Anchorman,’ if someone were to unintentionally lean on the teleprompter, ” Musk said, alluding to the 2004 movie about a news reporter who would read whatever was put on the teleprompter even if it means ruining his career.

Musk has often lambasted the president and claims to have voted heavily in favor of the Democrats. The fact that Biden has invited other electric car manufacturers to the White House but has left Tesla out has proven to annoy him. In a February email to CNBC, Musk said that Biden had overlooked Tesla in favor of established manufacturers. Musk once referred to Biden as a “damp sock puppet in human form” in a tweet.

Biden and his crew were upset by Musk’s comments, CNBC reported in March. Musk said, “This administration doesn’t seem to get anything done. Putting Trump apart, there were many others in the Trump administration who were productive and got things done. This government doesn’t appear to have the motivation to get things done. That’s how I feel.

Biden and his administration have recently come under fire from fellow billionaire and creator of Amazon Jeff Bezos, particularly for how they have handled inflation. White House spokesperson Michael Gwin responded to Musk’s remarks.

According to Gwin in an email, “Under President Biden, our economy has roared back with over eight million jobs generated, unemployment plunging, economic growth that outpaces our peer nations, and a record investment in roads, bridges, ports, and a countrywide EV charging network.” “By any standard, I suppose that qualifies as ‘getting things done,’ but count us as unsurprised that a billionaire opposed to labor would search for any chance to nip at the heels of the most pro-union and pro-worker President in recent history,” the author writes.

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