Elon Musk: Environmentalists are tragically ‘anti-human’

Elon Musk suggests countries to increase nuclear power generation

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, referred to certain environmentalists on Saturday as “anti-human.” The problem is connected to the rise in the generation of green energy, which might eventually replace fossil fuels. Musk suggested improving the global nuclear energy industry’s output in a tweet. From an environmental and national security standpoint, banning or limiting their production is wrong.

Musk’s Twitter followers said that nuclear power is efficient and clean. If used, it might eventually take the place of fossil fuels. But since the so-called environmentalists are against people rather than renewable energy, this is not taking place. Musk said that some environmentalists are really “anti-human.”

Musk, who has long been an advocate for renewable energy, has often said that it is wrong to dismiss nuclear power in favor of clean energy sources like solar and batteries. These are progressing quickly. Musk said in July of this year that he supported nuclear power and believed it was being regarded in the wrong way.

I believe people shouldn’t shut nuclear power plants, he remarked during one of his appearances on the ‘Getting Stoned’ podcast. If it must be shut down, it should only be done when the station is near a natural disaster risk area.
Nuclear Reactor
The globe continues to experience tragedies similar to a tsunami, therefore we must address this, added Musk. Where there is a chance of a natural disaster, nuclear reactors shouldn’t be constructed. However, there are many such areas, for instance, France, Germany, and many regions of America, where the danger of a natural catastrophe is not as great and they are not at risk as a result of having a nuclear plant here. We shouldn’t shut down these cases. The decision to shut down the factories is absurd.

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