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Elon Musk: ‘Earth is basically empty of humans’

Users are following a Twitter thread that uses data visualization to describe population density throughout the globe. It displays the areas of the world with the densest population and the sparsest population, as posted by Twitter user Tim Urban. Alasdair Rae, a data analyst, and researcher conducted the research for this thread. Mr. Rae claims that the study is based on publicly accessible Global Human Settlement statistics from the European Union.

The population distribution throughout the continents is shown by the data. The East and Southeast of the United States are more densely inhabited than the rest of the nation. The US state with the greatest population density is New Jersey, whereas the states with the lowest population distribution are Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

The population density data also reveals that in the case of India, the Indo-Gangetic plain is one of the planet’s most densely inhabited areas. In this section, the bars that show how many people live in a square kilometer are positioned quite close together, in contrast to how thinly populated the far North is.

The thread also demonstrates that Southeast Asia has the cities with the densest populations, the most notable of which is Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, which is on pace to surpass Tokyo as the world’s most populous metropolis by 2030. It went on to say that Java is the most populated island in the world, with a population of 143 million.

According to the Twitter thread, China’s Southeast is home to virtually all of its population, and Bangladesh, India’s neighbor, is one of the world’s most densely inhabited nations. The least dense continents include Europe and Australia, with Iceland having extremely few bar graphs, according to one of the tweets in the discussion.

The tweet sparked a massive conversation on Twitter, in which Elon Musk, a millionaire, also took part. In response to the now widely shared discussion, he replied, “Humans are pretty much nonexistent on Earth.”

“Natural resources are being depleted by humans far more quickly than they can be replaced. 1000 times more species are vanishing from the planet than would otherwise be the case “Leilani Munter, an environmentalist, remarked. This Twitter conversation is based on Mr. Rae’s initial math crunching from 2020. According to his explanation, each square on the map symbolizes a certain number of residents.

Source: NDTV

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