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Elon Musk confirms he will create a new phone if Apple and Google ban Twitter from the Appstore

Elon Musk said he could simply create an “alternative smartphone” if that happened in response to rumors that Twitter might be pulled from the Apple Store due to “safety” concerns.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, was questioned by journalist Liz Wheeler about whether he would introduce a different phone if Apple and Google decided to remove Twitter from their app stores.

Musk retorted,

“I really hope it never comes to that, but sure, if there is no other option, I will manufacture a backup phone,” she said.

Since Musk revealed his intention to buy Twitter, take it private, and transform it into a platform for free speech rather than the “woke social justice platform” that it has come to be seen as in the eyes of many, Musk has come under heavy fire from those for whom Twitter served as their “safe space.”

Before the purchase, several businesses who had advertised on Twitter said they would stop until they saw see how Musk was running the business.

Musk stated the blue check accounts would have a monthly charge soon after taking over the business. Following criticism from Stephen King, Musk decided to charge $8 ($7.99) per month for the paid subscriptions rather than $20.

This would open up additional opportunities for people to sign up as verified users and provide Twitter with a new stream of revenue.

In addition to the notion that there would be less censorship of information they may find offensive, this change is one that has caused “celebrities” to start leaving the site.

As they try to make them more secure so that fake users can’t create trouble, Musk has temporarily suspended the creation of new verified accounts due to the rough launch of this.

The weekend before last, CBS News made the temporary decision to stop using Twitter for content sharing. Within 48 hours after their decision, they were back to posting, thus the position didn’t last very long.

Musk sees Twitter as a town hall and wants to encourage discussion. Musk is likewise against total anarchy, but he also opposes banning users for expressing opinions that could upset others.

The future will reveal if Apple and/or Google will take action to block Twitter due to the path Musk has led the firm in.

Source: Medianrightnews

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Written by Alex Bruno

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